Donald Trump thought he was done with Robert Mueller.

But the President just got some bad news.

That’s because Robert Mueller crawled out of the shadows to accuse Trump of this crime.

Democrats and the fake news media have waged war on Donald Trump from day one.

They were counting on special counsel Robert Mueller and his witch hunt to bring down the President.

That push ended in failure as the years-long narrative about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia collapsed in humiliating defeat as Mueller and his all-star team of Democrat prosecutors failed to turn up any evidence of coordination with Vladimir Putin.

But like the monster in a horror movie that just won’t die, the Mueller report is once again back in the headlines as the fake news media tries to resurrect the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

The Justice Department recently released unredacted portions of the Mueller report following the conclusion of Roger Stone’s trial and Trump’s enemies seized on the newly released material to claim Trump committed a crime.

Fake news reporters seized on a section of the report where Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort testified that Roger Stone had a phone call with Trump telling him that WikiLeaks planned to release emails that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“(Michael) Cohen recalled a conversation in which Roger Stone told Trump that WikiLeaks planned to release information soon, and (Paul) Manafort recalled that Trump had asked him to stay in touch with Stone about WikiLeaks,” the report read.

In the President’s written answers to Mueller in 2018, Trump stated he could not recall any such conversation with Roger Stone in 2016.

Mueller claimed this could be evidence Trump committed perjury.

“It is possible that, by the time the President submitted his written answers two years after the relevant events had occurred, he no longer had clear recollections of his discussions with Stone or his knowledge of Stone’s asserted communications with WikiLeaks. But the President’s conduct could also be viewed as reflecting his awareness that Stone could provide evidence that would run counter to the President’s denials and would link the President to Stone’s efforts to reach out to WikiLeaks,” the Mueller report stated.

This report is why prosecutors either charge individuals or they say nothing.

Mueller smeared Trump as a possible felon – even with the caveat of acknowledging it is ridiculous to expect the President of the United States to remember a phone call from two years ago – without Trump having the opportunity to clear his name.

Critics believe that Mueller tucked this stink bomb in his report in the hopes that if Trump loses in November, Joe Biden’s Justice Department will use it to bring criminal charges against Trump once he is out of office.

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