GMC_U-Haul_truck_front_1High taxes, force unionism turning liberal states into depopulated wastelands

“(A)nalysis of tax data and figures provided by two major national moving companies shows that states with the highest per-capita taxes, for the most part, are also seeing the biggest net migration out of those states,” CNBC reports.

CNBC looked at 10 years of tax data and the figures provided by United Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines.  They found states with the highest taxes saw more people move out than move in.

CNBC pointed to Connecticut as an example.

“…the Nutmeg State’s legislature approved a collection of new taxes to close a two-year, $40 billion budget to help pay the multibillion-dollar tab to repair and replace the state’s dilapidated roads and bridges. The package includes a 50-cent-per-pack hike in cigarette taxes and a bump in tax rates on corporations and the state’s wealthiest earners…”

“…Republican opponents warned that the tax hikes would likely drive residents to flee to lower-tax states. One legislator suggested that a local moving-and-storage company up for sale should do a booming business moving households from the state.”

“I think the best buy in Connecticut right now is a business for sale in Westport,” Michael A. McLachlan, R-Danbury, told the AP earlier this month as the debate wore on. “For $650,000, a sharp investor can get up and increase this business into a mega moving company, because that’s what people are going to be doing, starting today.”

The figures show that’s exactly what’s happening.

“Connecticut taxpayers, for example, paid an average of $4,431, according to data from the Federation of Tax Administrators, a group that represent state tax officials. Last year, United Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines, the two largest movers in the U.S., moved 3,212 households out of state and 2,368 moves inbound. That means 55 percent of all moves left the state, for a net outbound flow of 58 percent. Over the last decade, the two companies reported 36,837 moves outbound to 30,426 inbound, for a net outbound flow of 55 percent,” CNBC reports.

Connecticut’s population may get smaller.  Hammered by high taxes and state anti-gun laws, firearms maker Colt has declared bankruptcy and may seek a move to a state that does not demonize and harass job creators.

According to CNBC, states that saw more 55 percent people move out than move in over the last 10 years are, in alphabetical order, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

They are also among the eight states with the highest taxes. Indiana and Michigan have recently adopted Right to Work laws to attract businesses by making it illegal to force unwilling workers to join a union.