Establishment Republicans across the country are abandoning Donald Trump.

Senators and candidates for office are rescinding their endorsements in the face of fake liberal media outrage over a 2005 tape where Trump is caught making lewd comments.

But these establishment politicians may have just signed their political death warrants.

When the tape came out, over 30 establishment Republicans rebuked Trump by withdrawing their endorsements.

Included in that group were Nevada Congressman Joe Heck — who is running to take Harry Reid’s Senate seat — and New Hampshire incumbent Kelly Ayotte.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan completed the unprecedented betrayal by announcing on a conference call he would no longer defend Trump, and he encouraged his members to do whatever they had to do to protect their seats.

But distancing themselves from Trump will not likely save any seats.

In fact, many experts believe it will cost these disloyal Republicans their elections.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“What people fail to understand is that any person who un-endorsed Trump in any way, shape or form this weekend lost thousands and thousands of votes, so not a political decision,” said a Republican strategist managing a Congressional campaign in a battleground state.

Rep. Joe Heck, running for retiring Sen. Harry Reid’s open seat in Nevada and the GOP’s only legitimate pickup opportunity, is a good example of the challenge Republicans have to navigate.

Heck has generally been running ahead in his race, but now must contend with GOP Trump supporters who are threatening to withhold their support from him because he un-endorsed Trump over the sex-talk tape.

“I just think he made a colossal mistake in a razor-tight race,” local conservative talk radio host Kevin Wall said on his show. “And, we’ve already had Republicans who have called the show and said, ‘I was gonna vote for Joe Heck, I’m gonna vote for Catherine Cortez Masto.'”

In the Senate, Republican insiders are rating GOP-held seats in Illinois, New Hampshire and Wisconsin as the most likely to go Democrat.

Republican insiders are taking the threats very seriously.”

Pundits pointed out that Ayotte and Heck maintained they were supporting Trump through all of the previous controversies and their loyalty was rewarded by the support of Trump’s voters.

That allowed them to maintain small leads in swing-states that many Democrats believed were theirs to win.

Conservatives often contend that establishment candidates lose elections because they place pleasing a hostile, left-wing press above the interests of their voters.

The desire of party elites to cave into media pressure to disavow Trump could cost them their seats — and hand control of the Senate to the Democrats.