Mitch-McConnell-BoehnerGOP House and Senate reverse spending curbs, will set record for biggest government in history

For the first six years of Obama’s presidency Republican voters were told all they needed to do to rein in spending is elect a GOP-controlled House and Senate.

Voters complied, giving the Grand Old Party majorities in both chambers.

The result? With Republicans holding the purse strings, the federal budget is growing even faster than it did before.

With federal spending skyrocketing under a Republican House and Senate, “G.O.P.” means “grabbing our paychecks.”

“Twice already the Republicans have modified the sequestration spending caps to make room for more program funding. And that happened not because Democrats wanted to spend more — which, of course, they did. It happened because a growing band of Republicans wanted to raid the Treasury,” writes Stephen Moore in The Washington Times.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, an Ohio Republican and member of the House Freedom Caucus, tells Moore, “One of the biggest problems we face now is getting our own members to vote to control spending.”

While Obama, Democrats, and some Republicans claim sequestration is reducing spending, the budget numbers reveal that’s a lie.

“So far in this fiscal year (October through April) federal spending has exploded by another $133 billion, or a jackrabbit sprint of 7 percent growth,” writes Moore.

“(D)omestic outlays are growing about twice the 2 percent rate of inflation,” continues Moore. “If the trend continues through September, then federal spending will rise by $171 billion this year — and that assumes no hurricanes, floods, military emergencies and so on. Spending is expected to rise by another $250 billion in 2016.”

That’s a reversal of a relative decline in spending between 2010 and 2014, when Democrats controlled the Senate.

“For the first time since the 1950s, federal spending fell for three years in a row,” writes Moore of the 2010-2014 budgets. “As a share of gross domestic product (GDP), federal outlays collapsed from 23.5 percent in 2010 to 20.3 percent in 2014. Spending as a share of GDP was about a half-trillion dollars lower as a share of GDP by 2014.”

Now, with Democrats out of the way in the Senate and Republicans in complete control of writing the budget and sending it to Obama, spending is growing again.

Don’t believe the establishment Republican claims that they’re only increasing defense spending.

“Republican security hawks thought they would get an equal amount of extra defense spending for each dollar of domestic program increases,” Moore writes. “That hasn’t happened this year. So far, Pentagon outlays are coming in lower than last year. This means all of the spending hikes have been for domestic agencies that are the pet programs of the left.”

Some Republicans are with Obama on cutting spending. Rep. Kay Granger, a Texas Republican, tells The Hill there simply isn’t anything in the federal budget that can be cut.

“We’re living with just really low numbers without any wiggle room, any flexibility,” said the Texas Republican.

It seems like the only time Granger and establishment Republicans can find wiggle room is when it’s time to snuggle up with Obama.