Senate GOP leaders decide Obama’s TSA budget isn’t expensive enough; gives him more.

Republicans have found a solution to government inefficiency.

Throw more money at the problem.

In fact, they’re throwing more money at it than Obama originally asked for.

The Transportation Security Agency is plagued by inefficiency, corruption, and waste.

Every year the TSA says the problems will go away if they just get more employees.

Every year Congress gives them more employees.

Every year the problems get worse.

So Republicans are going to give them even more than they asked for.

The Hill reports:

Senate appropriators unanimously approved a spending bill on Thursday that bumps up funding for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as the agency scrambles to handle a surge in passengers while dealing with reduced staff.

In a 30-0 vote, the Appropriations Committee advanced a fiscal 2017 spending measure that provides $48 billion for the Department of Homeland Security. The legislation now heads to the full Senate.

The TSA would get $7.7 billion under the bill — $228 million more than current levels and $79 million more than the administration’s request.

Republicans and the Obama administration claim TSA funding isn’t keeping up with the growth of airline passengers.

There were 696,025,662 domestic flight passengers in the United States in 2015, an increase of 2.4 percent from the 679,185,450 domestic flight passengers in 2007.

In that same time, TSA staffing also increased from 50,173 to 51,759, an increase of 3.2 percent.

TSA funding increased from $6.401 billion to $7.589 billion, an increase of 18.5 percent.

TSA staffing and funding are increasing faster than airline passenger growth, yet lines and wait times are getting worse.

What have TSA bureaucrats been doing with their years of lavish spending increases if they’re not adding more staff to process passengers?

Washington Free Beacon reporter Liz Harrington found the answer. The TSA is spending:

  • $196,461 on furniture from Federal Prison Industries, Inc., including contracts for a conference room and new furniture for the Los Angeles International airport.
  • $31,589 for men’s instructor uniforms from VF Imagewear, Inc., which also promises to help “your brand image.”
  • $1.7 million for “continued marketing services and additional advertising support.” Sage Communications, LLC will provide Google text ads, online ads on travel related websites, video ads, Facebook and Twitter ads, as well as develop a “media plan and social media strategic communications plan.”

So if you’re waiting in a three-hour airport security line and see a TSA administrator sporting a designer uniform, lounging in a new, sleek, chair – you can thank Republican leaders.