liedStories on Charleston massacre, Trump, were used by White House, others to push national narrative of systemic racism

It’s not unusual to learn that a reporter is making up stories.

But the stories on the Charleston massacre and Trump campaign are a bigger deal than others because they largely shaped the national narrative on racism.

Juan Thompson, a reporter for online magazine, The Intercept, not only fabricated direct quotes and sources, he created fake email accounts to fool his own editors into believing the quotes came from real people.

The Washington Examiner’s Ashe Schow reports:

The Intercept has retracted one of Thompson’s stories completely (but has left it up on the website with a note) and made corrections to others. The retracted story involved Scott Roof, the alleged cousin of Charleston, South Carolina shooter Dylann Roof. Dylann made headlines in 2015 when he murdered nine black churchgoers in an attack motivated by racism.

Thompson claimed he spoke to Scott about the shooter. Scott allegedly told Thompson that “Dylann was normal until he started listening to that white power music stuff” and “he kind of went over the edge when a girl he liked starting dating a black guy two years back.”

During their investigation, editors for the Intercept spoke to members of the Roof family, who said they had never heard of a cousin named Scott.

In another story, about Black Lives Matter activists being blocked from a Donald Trump rally, Thompson invented quotes and people. He gave the full name of one of his sources, who told the Intercept that she was not at the rally, was not a Trump supporter and never spoke to Thompson. The Intercept also couldn’t verify the existence of a BLM activist who allegedly provided a quote to Thompson.

The national media picked up Thompson’s bogus stories.  In the case of the Charleston shooting, Thompson’s narrative was used to push the illusion that Roof was inspired by racism, thus triggering government and many companies to ban the display of the Confederate flag.

The Independent, Radar Online, and other major media outlets ran with Thompson’s false reports and supposed excerpts from Dylann Roof which reporters used to shape the national coverage of the tragedy.

It’s a pattern among liberal reporters who, feeling they have a duty to lie, use the media to push liberal bias.

In a recent example, the Rolling Stone magazine published an explosive expose about the University of Virginia’s “rape culture” which allowed members of a rich white, fraternity to gang-rape a young woman with tacit protection from university officials.

Rolling Stone chose to publish the story despite multiple red flags implicating it was made up. Eventually, the young woman who made the accusations confessed that the entire event was a lie and it never happened.

She even went so far as to ask reporter, Sabrina Erdely, to not publish the story.  But Erdely, being a feminist activist, published the false story hoping it would prove the university – and campus as a whole – as being a hostile threat to feminism.

Wondering when the next liberal will be exposed for lying?  If it’s on a day that ends in ‘y’ – the chances are pretty good.