Much has been said about the state of the polling industry.

Some Trump supporters believe the polls are “rigged” against the GOP nominee.

But Senator Rand Paul has a theory on how the media is using the polls to rig the election.

Senator Paul believes the media is hyping up polls showing Hillary leading Trump to suppress the Trump vote.

There is no evidence the polls are rigged, but the variance in polls – some show Clinton up 12 points and others show a margin of error race – does demonstrate that there is polling uncertainty that could lead to the polls just plain being wrong.

But the media drumbeat surrounding the polls is that it is a blowout and the race is over.

However, many believe the press is promoting poll numbers to depress Trump voters as a form of self-fulfilling prophecy – the media says the race is a blowout so Republicans don’t show up to vote and the race turns into a rout on Election Day.

Count Senator Paul in that camp.

CNN reports:

The Kentucky Senator, who is ahead in surveys for his own re-election bid, was asked on “The Tom Roten Morning Show,” an 800 WVHU West Virginia radio program, about Clinton’s national polling lead when he made the comment.

“You know, I think sometimes polling is done to dampen election turnout so when Trump says the thing’s rigged, I’m not sure exactly what he means and I’m not sure I always agree with him,” Paul said. “But I do think that when we say over and over someone can’t win that is a form of rigging in the sense that it is designed to suppress turnout…

…Paul, a rival of Trump’s during the Republican primary who has since endorsed him,contended that Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s unexpected victory in the gubernatorial race last year was an example of this phenomenon.

“In Kentucky, in our governor’s race in 2015, the media said over and over and over again the Democrats were up 8 points,” Paul said. “The hope I think was to depress Republican turnout and these were coming from liberal newspapers in our state. And turns out the Republicans won by 8. They were off like by 16 — 14, 16 points. And I think some of that is intentional. The polls are put out, you know, to make it either look closer than it is or to make it look like Democrats have a better chance. And I think it’s done by design to try to dampen turnout.”

Paul added that he thought that Trump would win Kentucky and West Virginia. Though both are considered solidly red, voters there should not be discouraged by his deficit in the polls nationally and in swing states.”

Congressman Thomas Massie – one of the most conservative members in the House and who is also a strong Trump supporter – also cited the massive polling errors in the 2015 Kentucky gubernatorial election as to why it was ridiculous to consider the race over.

This election cycle also featured the biggest polling error in the history of survey research.

Pre-primary surveys showed Hillary Clinton crushing Bernie Sanders in the Michigan primary by over 20 points.

Sanders ended up winning the contest.

This is not to say polls are “rigged” or “skewed.”

Pollsters have professional reputations to uphold.

But the media coverage of these polls is blatantly slanted in favor of Clinton to give the appearance of a massive landslide so Trump voters stay home.

Republicans not turning out wouldn’t just hurt Trump, it would allow the Democrats to win control of both houses of Congress and allow Hillary to pass her entire agenda from amnesty to gun-grabs.

Senator Paul was warning Republican voters against playing into the media’s hands by believing because the polls say one thing today it means the election is over and there is no point in voting.