The Obama administration’s actions and reactions following the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi have drawn harsh scrutiny since the incident in 2012, and recent documents have further proven lies told by Hillary Clinton and former President Obama.

Obama and Clinton both lied to the press, and worse, to the families of the victims immediately following the attack and in the years that have followed.

But now, watchdog group Judicial Watch has uncovered further proof of the lies of the Obama State Department in documents uncovered by a Freedom of Information Act request.

It was found that the Obama State Department immediately labeled the attack as a “terrorism event,” despite their assurances to the contrary in statements made to the American people.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton commented,

“This document removes any further doubt that the State Department and the Obama administration knew immediately after the assault on Benghazi that it was a well-orchestrated terrorist attack and not a ‘spontaneous demonstration’ over a ‘hateful video,’ as the Obama administration repeatedly claimed.”

He refers to one specific document among 54 pages newly recovered — an email conversation between Congressional staffers and then-Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy immediately after the attack.

The email showed Kennedy admitting the deadly 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack was a “direct breaching attack” and not “under cover of protest.”

Hillary Clinton claimed in several public statements that the attack was in reaction to protests and a YouTube video released by an al-Qaeda leader, which called for attacks on Americans in Libya in order to avenge the death of Abu Yahya al-Libi in a drone strike in Pakistan in June 2012.

This theory, however, was proven false as activity in the region leading up to the attack was well known by Ambassador Chris Stevens and other officials stationed at the consulate.

Requests for additional security were ignored, and following the death of Stevens and three other Americans in the attack, Obama and then-Secretary of State Clinton covered up their inaction with lies about the video sparking the attack.

According to CNS News:

President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, White House spokesman Jay Carney, and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice claimed numerous times that the Benghazi attack was caused by a YouTube video.  Clinton even stated this to the parents of Americans who had died in Benghazi at the victims’ coffin ceremony.

“Based upon the work of Judicial Watch,  the House Select Committee was appointed as the direct result of emails uncovered by Judicial Watch showing White House orchestration of the knowingly false narrative that the Benghazi attack was due to an Internet video and spontaneous protests,” read a press release.  “The documents were obtained through federal court order obtained by Judicial Watch in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.”

Clinton’s ridiculous and insensitive remarks about the cause of the attack only furthered the suffering of the families and the intent to cover up by the Obama State Department.

“These documents show that the Benghazi scandal is not over . . . not by a long shot,” states Judicial Watch’s Fitton.

The recently uncovered documents are the final nail in the coffin proving the years of secrecy and dishonesty by Obama and Clinton.

And during Clinton’s run for the White House, her dishonesty and lack of trustworthiness with the American people eventually led to her defeat by Donald Trump.

Former Undersecretary Kennedy is just the latest Obama crony proven to have lied about the State Department’s knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Kennedy was selected for his position in 2007 by George W. Bush, and stayed on with the State Department throughout President Barack Obama’s term.

Patrick Kennedy left his job at the State Department on Jan. 26, 2017.

His resignation leaves another opening to be filled by President Donald Trump, and another opportunity to “drain the swamp” of bureaucrats who lie to cover their own interests and perpetuate the dishonesty of the Obama administration.