Hillary Clinton can run, but she can’t hide.

Evidence of her wrongdoing as Secretary of State continues to mount while, each day, new emails are uncovered that were sent using unsecured email addresses.

And now a Freedom of Information Act request by the watchdog group Judicial Watch has brought forth thousands of new records released by the State Department.

This time, more emails have been found between Clinton and her Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, containing highly sensitive or classified information.

The newly uncovered emails further prove requests were made for classified information, and favors were granted to donors in exchange for special access to Clinton.

Judicial Watch reports:

Judicial Watch today released 1,184 pages of State Department records, including previously unreleased Hillary Clinton email exchanges, revealing additional instances of Abedin and Hillary Clinton sending classified information through unsecured email accounts and contributors being given special access to the former Secretary of State.

 In April 2010, Sid Blumenthal sent two email memos to Clinton containing information now classified.  Clinton forwarded this material to Abedin’s unsecured email account. The classified information, which Clinton asks Abedin to print off for her, concerns the change of government in the Kyrgyz Republic.

In other emails, Clinton’s “final” schedules with specific details concerning her whereabouts were transmitted by Lona Valmoro to the unsecured emails accounts of Clinton Foundation officials Doug Band, Terry Krivnic,  Margaret Steenberg and others, and forwarded to Abedin’s unsecured email account.

In a March 15, 2010, exchange, Band forwarded to Abedin a request for help from Philip Levine, who is presumably the mayor of Miami Beach.  Reports said Levine had been a fundraiser for the Clintons since the 1990s.

The newly obtained emails also reveal some unsuccessful efforts to set up phone meetings for Clinton with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

In a February 23, 2010, email, ambassador and Clinton friend Capricia Marshall asked Band and Abedin to work with her to plan Bill and Hillary Clinton’s funeral arrangements and notes: “once affirmed it will be very hard for someone to deny the type of ceremony she [Hillary] wanted – as well I understand that the President can request certain arrangements for her that she/her rep cannot (i.e. if you want the motorcade to go through DC – stop somewhere).”

Clinton and her staff have repeatedly denied that sensitive material was sent on unsecured non-state.gov email addresses, but the content of the uncovered emails is shocking.

Friends of Clinton, and big money donors to the Clinton campaign and Clinton Foundation, were repeatedly given sensitive information through these hidden, unsecured email addresses, putting the country at risk.

Each day, the watchdog group reviews 500 pages of Clinton emails, all of them showing the scope of her lies to Congress and the American people, and the collusion of her closest staff to do her bidding.

Another hearing is scheduled this week in regard to the FOIA lawsuit, which will no doubt uncover more shocking mishandling of classified material, and bury Hillary deeper under her mountain of lies.

These emails are yet more evidence of Hillary Clinton’s casual and repeated violations of laws relating to the handling of classified information,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, “The Justice Department should finally begin an independent investigation into the Clinton email matter.”

Clinton has continued to escape prosecution for her criminal activities which have jeopardized the safety of all Americans, and despite her dishonesty, remains the golden child of the left.

But as more emails are reviewed each day, the time will come where Clinton will have to be held accountable for her actions.