PPLadyLiberals attack feminist with this disgusting tactic after she exposes their illegal activities

Even after screaming “Hail Satan” at Christians and trying to smuggle jars of urine into the Texas State Capitol to dump on legislators, supporters of Planned Parenthood managed to sink even lower.

Liberal website “RH Reality Check published, and then retracted, an article this week revealing the alleged sexual preferences of Holly Kaitlyn O’Donnell, the whistleblower at the center of a series of videos aimed at uncovering Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting fetal organs,” The Washington Examiner reveals.

Yes, liberals are now using a woman’s sexuality against her, because she doesn’t like it when they commit crimes.

In fact, O’Donnell still supports Planned Parenthood.  She just doesn’t like illegal abortions.

But liberalism’s cult-like devotion to abortion at all costs outweighs privacy or women’s rights.

The Washington Examiner details how liberal activists uncovered O’Donnell’s private dating profiles on two websites, and outed the details in a sick attempt to psychologically damage her as retribution for revealing Planned Parenthood’s illegal activities.

“Until now, not much has been known about O’Donnell. She claimed to have been a phlebotomist (a specialist at drawing blood), but her tracks had been difficult to trace, especially for an American in her mid-20s who grew up in the digital age,” RH Reality Check’s Sharon Coutts wrote in the now-deleted article…

…RH Reality Check dug through years of photos, including pictures of O’Donnell’s friends and family, personal information, references to O’Donnell’s reading preferences, Instagram posts, public records and dating surveys.

The article then published in great detail the most salacious bits of information gleaned from its investigation of O’Donnell’s personal life.

The “posts indicate that her views may not be as politically palatable as the wholesome, socially conservative image that [the Center for Medical Progress has] sought to cultivate over the course of their seven-week PR campaign against Planned Parenthood,” Coutts wrote.

Yes, liberals are claiming that women who enjoy sex are immoral and can’t be trusted.

That’s basically an admission that liberals don’t care about women’s sexual rights or health. They support Planned Parenthood simply for the millions of dollars it pumps into the liberal political movement each year via abortion profits and taxpayer subsidies.