President Trump just made good on another one of his campaign promises.

Donald Trump, along with two senators, showed boundless respect for these individuals who were left forgotten by the Obama administration.

Now, a day has been designated to respect the true heroes of our nation – and they will truly receive the recognition they deserve.

Recently, President Trump signed into law National Vietnam War Veterans Day, a holiday to be recognized on March 29th.

March 29th has a very special place in history, which is why it is the chosen date.

Fox 29 News reported:

WASHINGTON – Wednesday marks a monumental day in U.S. history. Exactly 44 years ago on March 29, 1973, the last remaining American troops withdrew from Vietnam, and President Nixon declared “the day we have all worked and prayed for has finally come.”

Many veterans were unfortunately treated poorly upon returning home because the war was unpopular, and they blamed the tragic situation in Vietnam on the troops.

The bill was first introduced by Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly, and then signed into law by President Trump.

Fox 29 News reported:

Donnelly co-authored the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act (S. 305) with U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania.

The Senate approved the bipartisan bill on February 8, and it was approved by the House on March 21. President Trump signed the bill into effect last night.

The new remembrance day also encourages people to fly the United States flag.

Senator Donnelly made a statement about the signing of the bill and the origin of the bill.

Fox 29 News reported:

Donnelly released the following statement about the bill: 

“At the end of the war, many of our Vietnam veterans didn’t receive the welcome home or the recognition they deserved. This bipartisan bill would help our country honor this generation of veterans who taught us about love of country and service and who deserve to be honored for their selflessness and sacrifice. I’m glad to work with Senator Toomey to promote Vietnam Veterans Day.”

For too long, the old executive administration left veterans in dire need of help – because Obama simply did not care.

Now, veterans are not only going to receive the help they need, but they will receive the recognition they deserve as well – all thanks to President Trump and his “people-first” policies.

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