Pope Francis continues to court controversy.

The left-wing Pope enraged conservatives and Catholics with his latest initiative, and many interpreted it as another attack on Donald Trump.

The Catholic Church has always had a strong social justice streak.

Most Pontiffs focus the Church’s beliefs on the dignity of human life and traditional values such as opposing abortion, the death penalty and assisted suicide.

But Pope Francis has chosen to be a left-wing advocate for illegal immigrants and refugees.

Now he’s leading the charge against so-called “anti-migrant populism.”

The Washington Post reports:

“In the United States, individual bishops, especially those appointed by Francis, have sharply criticized Trump’s migrant policies since his election. They include Newark Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, who last month co-led a rally in support of a Mexican man fighting deportation. Tobin has decried Trump’s executive orders on immigration, calling them the “opposite of what it means to be an American.”

In Los Angeles, Archbishop José H. Gomez, the first Mexican American vice president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which leads the U.S. church, described migrant rights as the bishops’ most important issue. He has delivered blistering critiques of Trump’s policies, and instructed his clerics to distribute cards in English, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese informing migrants of their rights in 300 parishes .

Chicago Cardinal Blase J. Cupich, one of Francis’s closest allies in the U.S. church, has issued orders that if federal immigration authorities should attempt to enter churches without a warrant in search of migrants, priests should turn them away and call the archdiocese’s lawyers. Catholic school principals were given the same instructions by the archdiocese, which Cupich said was an attempt to respond in a way that was firm “but not extreme.”

He said Francis has helped bishops shape their response.

“The pope makes it a lot easier for me to be a bishop because he’s very clear in his teaching, and [on] this one in particular, he’s trying to awaken the conscience of the citizens of the world,” Cupich said. “

Before Pope Francis’ handpicked Bishops began criticizing Trump’s refugee policy, the Pope took on Trump directly.

Days before the South Carolina primary, Pope Francis said it was not Christian to build walls.

His direct attack on Trump caused many conservatives and Catholics to question whether the Pope was a religious leader or a political activist using his position to advance a radical agenda.

Trump won the South Carolina primary by double-digits, and pundits credited his victory in part to the Pope overstepping his bounds.

Pope Francis is popular with leftists and the media.

They lap up his pro-open borders agenda.

But many Catholics wish the Pope would put his left wing politics to the sideline and return to advocating the traditional values that have defined the Catholic Church for thousands of years.