The Pope continues to generate a tsunami of controversy.

The left-wing Pontiff has feuded with Donald Trump and has blasted the rising populism around the globe.

And he recently added to the growing number of clouds hanging over his Papacy by issuing a shocking warning about an invasion.

It’s no secret Pope Francis resides on the left end of the political spectrum.

He has veered well beyond the Catholic Church’s well known social justice ideology by advocating for open borders and illegal immigrants.

And he softened the Church’s stance on abortion by allowing forgiveness for women who terminated their pregnancy.

Now he’s raising eyebrows with his warning about a group of conservatives and their ideological “invasion.”

Breitbart reports:

“Pope Francis had harsh words to describe libertarians Friday, saying they deny the value of the common good in favor of radical selfishness where only the individual matters.

“I cannot fail to speak of the grave risks associated with the invasion of the positions of libertarian individualism at high strata of culture and in school and university education,” the Pope said in an message sent to members of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences meeting in the Vatican and subsequently shared with Breitbart News.

“A common characteristic of this fallacious paradigm is that it minimizes the common good, that is the idea of ‘living well’ or the ‘good life’ in the communitarian framework,” Francis said, while at the same time exalting a “selfish ideal.”

Members of the Pontifical Academy are currently engaged in a workshop bearing the title “Towards a Participatory Society: New Roads to Social and Cultural Integration,” which began Friday and will run through May 2.”

Pope Francis used the language of Marxism – and not the Church – when he continued to attack libertarians as having an unhealthy belief in the individual over the collective.

Breitbart also reports:

“Francis said that libertarianism, “which is so fashionable today,” is a more radical form of the individualism that asserts that “only the individual gives value to things and to interpersonal relations and therefore only the individual decides what is good and what is evil.”

Libertarianism, he said, preaches that the idea of “self-causation” is necessary to ground freedom and individual responsibility.

“Thus, the libertarian individual denies the value of the common good,” the pontiff stated, “because on the one hand he supposes that the very idea of ‘common’ means the constriction of at least some individuals, and on the other hand that the notion of ‘good’ deprives freedom of its essence.”

Libertarianism, he continued, is an “antisocial” radicalization of individualism, which “leads to the conclusion that everyone has the right to extend himself as far as his abilities allow him even at the cost of the exclusion and marginalization of the more vulnerable majority.”

Soon after Pope Francis was selected by the College of Cardinals, Rush Limbaugh declared he sounded like a Marxist.

His salvo against libertarianism will only provide more evidence to his critics that he is less of a religious leader and more of a radical left-wing activist.