Whenever critics question open borders and mass migration from the Middle East, liberals point and shout “Islamophobia”!

But a new poll of British Muslims reveals disturbing results.

Do Islamist immigrants assimilate to Western culture?

Or does mass migration attack our values?

A shocking survey says, “Yes”.

The Washington Post reports:

“A new poll appears to paint a stark picture of British Muslims and their apparently complicated attitudes toward modern Western values. However, it has also sparked a fierce debate about the accuracy of such polls, with some even questioning whether they should be conducted at all.

Just over half of British Muslims said homosexuality should be illegal, according to the poll, while almost a quarter thought that sharia law should be implemented in some areas of Britain and just under a third said polygamy, which is illegal in Britain, is an acceptable practice for Muslims. Perhaps more concerning, a majority of Muslims polled said they would attempt to personally intervene rather than contact police if someone they knew was getting involved with people who support terrorism in Syria.

The poll was conducted by ICM Research for the Channel 4 documentary “What British Muslims Really Think,” set to air Wednesday. In an article published Sunday, Trevor Phillips, the host of the documentary and a former head of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, said that the new data shows a “chasm” between many British Muslims and their compatriots and that there was a danger that Britain’s Muslim community could become a “nation-within-a-nation.”

Other disturbing findings from this poll showed just 67% of British Muslims opposed ISIS’ plan to establish a caliphate.

And 35% felt Jewish citizens held too much power.

What does this mean for America?

It should throw up red flags as to the dangers of Barack Obama’s Syrian refugee program.

Tens of thousands of unvetted Islamists are set to pour into America under Obama’s dangerous scheme.

Fortunately, America, unlike Britain and other European countries, has a homegrown Muslim population that has largely assimilated.

But liberals constantly preach the doctrine of “multiculturalism” to weaken the American identity so they can divide groups based on ethnic or gender identity.

Doing so allows them to preach group rights and use government programs to buy their votes.

The dangers of preaching group rights, as opposed to national identity, are playing out in Britain and other Western European countries that have opened the flood gates to mass Islamic migration.