Democrats and Elizabeth Warren are convinced Trump will be a sure loser in 2020.

They are clinging to their hope that voters will abandon Trump once he lets them down.

But one early poll left Democrats seriously questioning if they could take down Trump for the Presidency.

Democrats maintain Trump is playing his voters for suckers.

But Trump voters are thrilled with the early returns from his administration and are united in their enthusiasm for his Presidency.

The Monkey Cage blog, which focuses on data and polling for the Washington Post, reported:

Our Mood of the Nation Poll from Penn State’s McCourtney Institute of Democracy provides answers. Conducted by YouGov, the poll tracks the mood of the public through traditional survey questions and numerous open-ended questions that allow citizens to express themselves in their own words. The poll’s methodology is described here.

Our Feb. 23-27 poll asked a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Americans to report on how they cast their vote in November. The results of these reports closely align with other national polls, with Hillary Clinton voters comprising 49 percent of the sample, Trump voters 46 percent, with 3 percent and 2 percent for minor-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, respectively.

Who would vote differently?

On the next screen, we asked everyone, “Suppose you could go back in time and vote again in the November election. What would you do?”

Respondents were presented with the same choices — Trump, Clinton, Stein, Johnson, someone else, or not vote at all. Of the 339 poll participants who originally voted for Trump, only 12 (3½ percent) said they would do something different.

Only three individuals (fewer than 1 percent of Trump voters) said that, could they go back in time, they would cast their vote for Clinton. Seven said they would vote for one of the minor-party candidates.”

The Monkey Cage also found Trump voters were unified in their support for his agenda and would not tell him to alter his policies:

“Yet these messages were dwarfed by the enormous show of support for the president among those who voted for him. Many, like this 61-year-old independent from Wisconsin, expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you for what you are doing for our country. Keep up the good work. Don’t cave under pressure.”

The largest number of Trump voters sampled — representing millions of voters — asked the president to “stay strong,” “keep it up,”“hang in there” or “stay the course.” Many simply expressed their feelings as fans, as with the respondent who wrote, “Go Donald Go!” Others expressed excitement and pleasure over his performance…”

Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats looking to run for President in 2020 were not expecting this news.

Democrats also believe Trump’s policies are hideously unpopular.

So they were floored to learn that Trump voters are enthusiastically backing his Presidency.

Trump voters are thrilled Trump is carrying out the agenda he campaigned on.

And if Trump voters stay this united and enthusiastic about his candidacy in 2020, he will easily defeat Elizabeth Warren or anyone else the Democrats run against him.