Hundreds of protesters and far-Left activists converged in New York City outside of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan Thursday; their target? Donald Trump.

The hotel was hosting a Republican gala that featured Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Trump and wealthy Republican benefactors.

Various factions of progressive thought collided in the streets outside of the hotel, each with their own hot-button issue. Cries erupted from behind banners that read “Trump is Racist” and “Nazi” over top of pictures of Trump.

A chorus of voices could be heard screaming “Deport me, no way! I’m undocumented and here to stay!” as well as “Black lives matter!”

One protester even dressed up as Donald Trump, held a sign that read “BEAT UP TRUMP,” and allowed attendees to use a fake bat to beat him on the ground as he begged for mercy.

Police scrambled to keep the disparate factions in line, with the mood growing sour as the day progressed.

Breitbart had a reporter on the ground who captured the exchanges between protesters and police.

Breitbart’s Jennifer Lawrence saw police arrest at least three protesters as they took control of the Pershing Square overpass. Lawrence herself was held briefly by a female police officer, but was let go upon confirmation that she represented Breitbart News. “Black Lives Matter” activists weren’t happy as they shouted back at the cops, “Why did you let the white girl go?”
1010 WINS Carol D’Auria reported that over two dozen protesters were arrested.

Among the groups were the Muslim Democratic Club of New York, whose leader, Linda Sarsour, has been the subject of much controversy after her group received half a million dollars in city funds at the behest of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In preparation for the protest, Linda’s group posted this message to followers on their Facebook page:

Let’s send a strong and loud message to the GOP that they should be ASHAMED of themselves for giving this fascist a platform and join us to protest the hateful, racist, xenophobic, anti-Muslim, bigoted GOP Presidential frontrunner candidate Donald Trump. New York City knows how to shut it down so let’s do it for our Latino, Black, and Muslim brothers and sisters! NYS, NYC and our nation deserves better than this vitriol spewing hate monger!

Another group whose single issue is to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars was also out in full-force, calling on Trump to support a minimum wage hike for the workers that have “made him rich.”

As the day wore on the tensions grew more taught. Pro-Trump supporters were pushed and harassed in the street, and protesters infiltrated the hotel and rushed media and attendees amid cries of “WE’RE COMING!”

The disregard for private property, intimidation tactics and extreme rhetoric are nothing new to the Left. They have long known that violence and chaos are essential tools in political activism.

Many of the protesters interviewed by networks admitted that their candidate of choice was Bernie Sanders, further proof that the main agitators and peddlers of hate are the very ones decrying it.