Congress just uncovered another terrible truth about the abortion agency Planned Parenthood.

For decades, Planned Parenthood has been taking the lives of babies before they’ve even begun.

Now, Planned Parenthood has been found to have made a very profitable business out of selling these aborted baby parts.

Congress has launched two separate investigations into the selling of baby parts which the organization has been accused of.

Breitbart News reported:

There have been two recent congressional investigations into the Planned Parenthood selling baby parts scandal.

Both were prompted by the Centre For Medical Progress (CMP) undercover investigation, which caught Planned Parenthood officials discussing how to illegally profit from selling baby parts. The first report in December was by the Senate Judiciary Committee and now House of Representatives Select Investigative Panel has published its report. Neither investigation relied on the CMP undercover videos to come to their conclusions.They carried out their own investigations — interviewing officials and employees under oath and using the power of subpoena to get their records.

What they found is horrifying and criminal. It’s disturbing that the results have been virtually ignored in the mainstream media. So to fill this gap, here are the top eight horrifying facts the mainstream media doesn’t want you know about aborted babies bodies being sold for profit.

It was reported that Planned Parenthood brought in a tremendous profit from the selling of aborted baby body parts.

Planned Parenthood’s participation in the selling of fetal body parts should have no question of legality; however, the organization is trying to debate otherwise.

Breitbart News reported:

After the baby selling scandal broke, Planned Parenthood told the media they had a policy that prevented their affiliates from profiting from the process. But they didn’t mention that they had brought the policy in just as the CMP scandal developed. In fact, this report suggests a “criminal conspiracy” over their failure to have guidelines before this.

According to the Senate Judicial Committee report, in 2001 Planned Parenthood did have a policy stating its clinics had to have an independent accountant verify they were not profiting from the sale of body parts. Those who did not follow these guidelines could be thrown out of the Planned Parenthood network, they were warned. In 2011, when they found their clinics were ignoring the guidelines, Planned Parenthood quietly deleted the guidelines from its requirements. By doing so, Planned Parenthood headquarters made it quite clear they would not stand in the way of their clinics profiting from the sale of baby parts.

Or, as the Senate Committee put it, by behaving “in a manner that facilitated the continuation of those fetal tissue payments. Planned Parenthood and the affiliates actions may implicate the federal criminal conspiracy statute 18USC/ 371.”

Besides the selling of fetal baby parts, the organization was also caught lying about the sold fetal body parts, that they were supposed “help” in finding cures for aids, a big selling point for progressive supporters of the abortifacient group.

Breitbart News reported:

Yes, you read that right – in order to convince women to allow them to harvest their baby’s body parts, the Planned Parenthood consent form told the vulnerable women that the parts had been used to find a cure for AIDS.

As a Planned Parenthood official admitted under oath to the House investigation, “there is no cure for AIDS. So that is probably an inaccurate statement.”

They also reportedly misled clients about what they were actually harvesting. The consent form only described “pregnancy tissue” — not a baby’s arms, legs, eyes, brains, and skin.

The organization was not only proven to have sold the body parts of unborn babies but also sold the skin of an aborted baby with Down syndrome, proving that Planned Parenthood has no respect for even the disabled community.

Breitbart News reported:

Advanced Biosciences Resources (ABR) had a “technician” embedded at a Planned Parenthood clinic who reportedly harvested and sold the skin of a Down Syndrome baby for $325. Yes, that’s correct, in America today, you can buy the skin of an aborted Down Syndrome child for $325. The same baby’s leg was sold for $325.

Planned Parenthood is a criminal organization with no moral agenda.

The horrific crimes committed within the organization have been overlooked for entirely way too long.

One thing is for certain however – under President Trump, Planned Parenthood is sure to be challenged.

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