One of President Trump’s campaign promises has not been met yet, and dozens of conservative and free market business leaders have sent letters urging President Trump to stick to his policy promised.

And while President Trump has not undone the agreement originally designed by President Obama, the people’s pleas did not fall on deaf ears.

Americans want out of the Paris Climate Agreement signed by President Obama.

The agreement is an international protest against global warming, and a liberal plot to waste time and resources in the hopes of achieving some incessant scientific advance.

Retracting from the Paris Climate Agreement would protect the services of U.S. energy manufacturers and producers, in a time when liberal groups want to make the coal industry obsolete.

The Daily Caller reports:

Dozens of conservative and free market groups sent a letter Monday to President Donald Trump, urging him to keep his campaign promise to withdraw the U.S. from an international agreement to fight global warming signed by the Obama administration.

Representatives from 40 right-leaning groups told Trump a withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement “is a key part of your plan to protect U.S. energy producers and manufacturers from regulatory warfare not just for the next four years but also for decades to come.

Conservatives are now resting their hopes on Congress.

If President Trump sends the Agreement to Congress for approval, it can be rejected as a treaty. Obama got around this in 2016 when the treaty was first initiated by claiming it was a form of executive action.

The Daily Caller reports:

Conservatives told Trump to send the Paris agreement to the Senate as a treaty — where it will surely be defeated, pull out of a parent United Nations climate change treaty or unilaterally withdraw from Paris on the four-year timeline specified in the agreement.

Failure to withdraw from the Paris agreement could jeopardize Trump’s agenda. Conservatives warned “[e]nvironmental pressure groups and several state attorneys general have begun to prepare lawsuits in federal court to block withdrawal of the ‘Clean Power’ Plan and other greenhouse gas rules.”

….The letter comes as the White House debates whether or not to keep Trump’s campaign promise to withdraw from the Paris agreement, which President Barack Obama joined in 2016.

Obama never sent the agreement to the Senate as presidents usually do, but instead considered it an executive agreement that didn’t need congressional consent. The former president committed the U.S. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

For the first 100 days, President Trump has been focusing on America first and preserving the freedoms of Americans.

For now, fear of diplomatic depreciations is slowing the process of pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

But American citizens want to keep the President accountable for his campaign promises after President Obama spent nearly a decade ruining conservative policies.

Do you think President Trump will keep his campaign promise to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement?

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