Mike Pence is not wasting any time calling out Hillary Clinton’s double-minded campaign tactics.

After winning the Vice Presidential debate against Senator Tim Kaine, Pence is using the momentum to draw a clear contrast between Trump and Hillary.

Pence said Trump has inspired millions of Americans with the promise to “Make America Great Again” and reiterated Trump’s plan to stop illegal immigration and put “America First.”

Trump’s solution-oriented campaign is a contrast to Hillary’s “real insult-driven campaign,” according to Pence.

As American Patriot Daily News previously reported, Hillary insulted millions of Americans by saying Trump supporters should be deemed as the “basket of deplorables” who are “irredeemable.”

Pence fired back with the ultimate one liner, which put the entire presidential campaign into perspective when he said,

“I mean, you cannot lead people you loathe,” speaking of Hillary’s inability to be president after she insulted so many Americans.

 Breitbart reports:

“I’ll tell you on that one, it really was remarkable to me that after Sen. Kaine listed one personal insult against Donald Trump after another—then he accused us of running an ‘insult-driven campaign,’ just—it was remarkable to me.

  It was also remarkable because Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans who think we can Make America Great Again, who think we can stand tall on the world stage again, who think we can rebuild our military, revive our economy, stand by our Constitution—Hillary Clinton said millions of Americans who believe in Donald Trump’s vision for our country are in a ‘basket of deplorables.’ She said they are irredeemable. She said that they are not America.

 And despite what Sen. Kaine said last night, she never apologized for that—she just said she shouldn’t have said ‘half.’ So, you know, all she did was say she got the number wrong. But I think people across the country got the message.

 I expect Bernie Sanders supporters got the message earlier this week when it came to light in February that Hillary Clinton had referred to Bernie Sanders supporters as ‘children of the Great Recession’ who had moved into their parents’ basements.”

 As Pence pointed out, not only did Hillary insult Trump supporters, she also took a stab at loyal Sanders supporters.

And after insulting so many Americans, Pence believes her statements make her unfit to be America’s next president.

In contrast, Trump’s campaign is pulling together people from all walks of life and cultures to stop Hillary Clinton.

 Breitbart reports:

 “Hillary Clinton’s statements demeaning millions of Americans, including Bernie Sanders supporters, I believe disqualifies her to lead this nation as president. What I can tell you about Donald Trump is, whether you agree or you disagree with him, he is a man who respects the right of every American to make their choice in this election and to hold the views that they hold, and I couldn’t be more honored to stand with him,”  Pence said.

Do you think Hillary calling Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” makes her disqualified to be president? Are you concerned what would happen if Hillary wins this November?

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