A scandal in the House of Representatives may prove to cause issue still. A family suspected of a major security breach in the House of Representatives was defended by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi herself.

Many liberals who continued to employ the IT workers denied any evidence having been presented against the Awan family, three brothers who are suspected of stealing classified government data and equipment while working as IT aides for representatives.

Fox News reported:

Rep. Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y., kept Alvi, 33, employed until about two weeks ago.

“I have seen no evidence that they were doing anything that was nefarious,” he told Politico. “I wanted to be sure individuals are not being singled out because of their nationalities or their religion.”

Now Pelosi is claiming despite their suspicions against the brothers, many members of the Democratic Party kept the traitors on the payroll – and Pelosi is attempting to defend their actions as well as their continued employment, claiming “many under federal investigation still retain their jobs”.

Nancy Pelosi would not say why the IT staffer banned from the House of Representatives was still allowed to work for an important member of the Democratic Caucus, nor would she make a flat statement about the case, feigning innocence.

The Daily Caller reported:

When they came under suspicion by law enforcement for accessing the House network without permission last February, they were all banned from accessing it. While some Democratic lawmakers dismissed Imran from their employ when the story, others, like Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz kept him on.

When asked by The Daily Caller why one of the individuals under investigation still has a role as an adviser to Wasserman Schultz, Pelosi responded:

“Well the people under investigation [include] the Attorney General of the United States. I mean, what are we talking about here?”

She continued, “You have a very specific charge there. I haven’t followed that very closely.”

When The DC pressed further, she added, “I’m not sufficiently understanding the situation to make any concern about it, but there are plenty of people who are under in investigation who still have their jobs.”

During the press conference, Pelosi acted defensively and would not make a statement to reporters, claiming she was not sufficiently made aware of the situation to comment.

But as House Minority Leader during the accused hacking attempts, one would think she would have addressed the security issue her party went through, especially when concerned with an act of potential treason.

The question remains, is Pelosi fit to have any kind of leadership in the House if she fails to notice a major scandal unraveling within her own party’s caucus?

Do you think Pelosi is fit to be a leading member of the House of Representatives, despite not knowing about a major security breach enough to comment?

Do you think Pelosi is attempting to hide the scandal to protect the members of her party?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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