Establishment politicians in both parties are trying to figure out their next steps once the election is over.

And once again, amnesty is top on the elite’s wish list.

There are disturbing rumblings out of Washington that Paul Ryan is already prepping to team up with Hillary Clinton to pass amnesty.

Establishment pundits and politicians are counting on Hillary Clinton to hold her polling lead over Donald Trump.

They also believe Democrats will win control of the Senate and Republicans will hold on to the House.

And already, rumors about how pro-open borders politicians will push amnesty through Congress are heating up.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer – a pro-amnesty radical who is expected to become Majority Leader should Democrats win control of Congress – is already sounding out plans to work with Paul Ryan to pass another Gang of Eight style amnesty bill.

Clinton campaign Spokesman, Brian Fallon, told reporters he believed Ryan would be open to passing amnesty in 2017.

The Hill reports:

Clinton’s campaign staff says she is equally committed to moving an infrastructure investment package and immigration reform in the first few months of the priority and doesn’t see it as an either/or proposition.

“In terms of big legislative items, she has said she wants to prioritize comprehensive immigration reform and an infrastructure jobs package in the first hundred days,” said Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon.

“Both of those issues are things that she’s discussed all the way through from the primary to the general. They are priorities that are consensus proposals that have strong support in the country, and thirdly they are both things that in a normal environment Republicans in the past have been inclined to support,” he added.

Fallon noted that Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) in concept supports both infrastructure investment and immigration reform.

“If she wins, it will be in the best interests of Republicans to want to work on those things since they are consensus proposals,” he said.

Clinton and other Democrats pushing immigration reform are betting that Republicans will conduct a post-election analysis — similar to the report produced after Mitt Romney lost to President Obama in 2012 — that will find they need to improve the party’s standing among Hispanic voters.

That, they think, will give Ryan and other Republican leaders strong incentive to work with Democrats on immigration reform instead of turning it into a partisan fight to knock off vulnerable red-state Democrats in 2018.

“I would expect if Hillary Clinton is successful, Republicans will again face a scenario similar to the 2012 aftermath where they penned an entire autopsy saying they needed to get right with key constituencies, including by enacting comprehensive immigration reform,” Fallon said.

Schumer told NBC’s John Harwood in an interview this week that he thinks both immigration reform and an infrastructure package can pass in the new Congress.

He said both policies come to mind because they are backed by Clinton, Ryan and himself.  

Schumer predicted that “mainstream conservatives in the Senate and House” will tell “the hard right,” who are staunchly opposed to immigration reform, to “go take a hike” if they try to quash reform.

Ryan has long supported amnesty, and his opposition to Trump’s strong stance to end illegal immigration is often cited as one reason why he actively works to sabotage Trump’s campaign and elect Hillary Clinton.

Obama tried to pass amnesty in 2013, but it died after not being brought up for a vote in the House.

Many credited it to Dave Brat’s primary victory over House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor.

Cantor was one of Congresses leading proponents of amnesty, but his loss scuttled plans for a vote in the House once the primary season ended.

Would Ryan risk a potential disaster in 2018 to push amnesty through Congress in 2017?

The donor class – which Ryan faithfully serves – is likely to, once again, commission another post-election “autopsy” report which will almost certainly include another call for amnesty.

Granting citizenship – and voting rights – to illegal immigrants will also likely be one of Hillary Clinton’s top priorities.

Will the establishment in both parties collude to sellout Americans and ram an amnesty bill through Congress?

The early word is that Ryan and Clinton could very well both be plotting such a course of action.