Paul Ryan has become Public Enemy Number One to many conservatives.

He’s undermined Donald Trump’s campaign at every turn and worked to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

There will be a reckoning for Paul Ryan after the election, and it could be a career ending event.

Establishment politicians and pundits believed no matter what happened in the election, Paul Ryan was safe.

They claimed he was never more popular with his conference.

However, since Ryan has disavowed Donald Trump, the Republicans are set for double-digit losses in the House of Representatives.

That will increase the power of the conservative Freedom Caucus.

And among some of these members – many of whom strongly support Donald Trump – there is increasing talk of deposing the Speaker of the House for his treachery.

Politico reports:

The House Freedom Caucus is fractured as the bloc of archconservatives confronts a make-or-break decision after the election: whether or not to try and oust the second Speaker in barely over a year, Paul Ryan.

Some members of the group are flirting with mutiny in private conversations with one another. Others are considering quitting the group if the caucus takes such an extreme measure. A third cluster wants to use its leverage over the upcoming vote for Speaker to secure rules changes that would empower conservatives.

 But no one seems to have the slightest clue as to what they’ll actually end up doing.

The discord adds a layer of uncertainty surrounding Ryan’s future. Republicans will return to Capitol Hill in mid-November most likely with a significantly slimmed-down majority. Multiple caucus members itching to push Ryan further to the right have anonymously floated the possibility of running someone against him — if not to boot him, then to extract concessions from him.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz was interviewed by Yahoo’s Katie Couric and claimed he believed conservatives would try to oust Ryan as Speaker.

He told her just 15 Republicans voting against Ryan would be enough to deny him the position.

And this is a real possibility.

In 2015, nine Republicans voted against him — and this was before he sold out to Obama in every spending fight and undercut the GOP nominee for president.

But it may not even get to a vote.

Ryan could walk away rather than face a contentious fight for his job.

Politico also reports:

Allies of Ryan’s say he’d walk away before engaging in a protracted battle with his own conference to keep his post. Unlike former Speaker John Boehner, who long aspired to the job, Ryan only reluctantly decided to take it.

 In the event Ryan is to either remain as Speaker or in Congress, he would be at the center of the fight for the Republican Party’s soul.

Having faithfully served the Establishment and the donor class for the entirety of his career, he would be expected to lead the fight for their agenda of amnesty, foreign wars and trade deals.

That globalist agenda was explicitly defeated by Donald Trump in the GOP primary.

And it could be rejected again if Ryan is forced out of his job as Speaker of the House.