Now that Paul Ryan has written off Donald Trump’s chances to win the Presidency, he is preparing the ground for “governing” with Hillary Clinton in the White House.

And to that end, a favorable story appeared in the Washington Post.

The reporters describe how Ryan and Clinton can work together to implement Hillary’s socialist agenda and continue to transform America into a lesser nation.

The Post’s story – written by Phillip Rucker and Robert Costa – who is a favorite of establishment aligned politicians – describes the blueprint for a working relationship between Ryan – an alleged Republican – and a possible Democratic President.

The Post identifies areas where Ryan and Clinton could team up to pass the Democratic agenda.

The paper explains a massive infrastructure bill that would cost hundreds of billions of dollars to pay off unions funding democratic campaigns and so-called criminal justice reform which would allow thousands of dangerous criminals back on streets and possibly restore their voting rights so they could become loyal Democrats in areas of likely victories for Clinton.

Costa and Rucker also note Clinton and Ryan could work together to pass a multi-step amnesty bill where the Gang of Eight legislation is broken up into many smaller pieces of legislation as opposed to one gigantic bill.

The Post reports:

“One such area could be an infrastructure spending bill, which Clinton has said would be an immediate priority. Ryan, too, has in the past year privately reached out to top Democrats about beginning infrastructure talks, which the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other pillars of the Republican establishment have championed.

Clinton also would seek to work immediately on an overhaul of immigration law, an issue that Ryan has advocated but that has become anathema in parts of the Republican conference. It is possible that a Trump loss in November could shift political winds in the GOP, creating momentum for Ryan to consider starting discussions.

“It’s got to be done in stages and pieces, not some big, massive bill that ends up collapsing under its own weight,” Ryan said at the Economic Club about the prospect of an immigration pact next year.

There are other areas of mutual agreement, such as on criminal justice. Clinton and Ryan have expressed concern about mass incarceration and advocated changes to sentencing laws, and there are bipartisan efforts afoot.

Another issue is fighting poverty, something Clinton and Ryan prioritize, although they have clear disagreements on the solutions. Ryan sees it as his personal mission and thrust it to the forefront of the GOP policy agenda. His confidants said he would feel invested in reaching an anti-poverty accord with Clinton.”

Costa also says there’s another possible area of common ground for Ryan and Clinton to forge a relationship.

He notes that Ryan’s wife and Hillary share an alma mater.

Will Paul Ryan complete his betrayal of the Republican Party and the conservative movement by helping Hillary Clinton with welfare programs, union payoffs, flooding the streets with criminals let loose from prison, and passing amnesty legislation?

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