Black Lives Matter protesters have now taken their protests off the streets and into the local schools.

Hoping to force their message upon the next generation, over 2,000 teachers showed up to a Seattle area school wearing “Black Lives Matter” apparel.

The Black Lives Matter organizers wanted to show “black lives matter in the public schools,” and to protest the alleged racial discrimination of blacks by police.

In addition to the teachers, some parents even showed up wearing “Black Lives Matter” stickers and buttons to show their support.

While the school district claimed it “wasn’t an official district event” and asked teachers to leave before the students arrived, some teachers actually brought their elementary school students to the rally, and took the Black Lives Matter message back to their classrooms.

The Seattle Times reports:

A sixth-grade class from nearby Denny International Middle School, whose teacher brought them to the Sealth rally, wore Black Lives Matter stickers. Teacher Ben Evans said he wanted them to see how their voices can be heard. Many of his students are aware of racial inequities already, he added.

“Black Lives Matter At School” wasn’t sponsored by the school district, but it coincides with Seattle Public Schools’ “day of unity,” aimed at bringing more attention to racial equity in education. The district said in a statement that it has asked students, family, staff and community members to “engage and join the conversation in our united efforts to eliminate opportunity gaps.” As a public institution, the district doesn’t take official positions on social or political movements, district spokesman Luke Duecy said in a statement earlier this week.

Because Wednesday’s rally at Sealth was not an official district event, teachers were told to leave before students started arriving for school. But members of the Black Student Union (BSU) remained until the start of classes.

In fact, Black Lives Matter organizers even flooded elementary schools with their propaganda.

Instead of teaching elementary students to respect all lives, teachers forced the children to answer questions such as “What does Black Lives Matter mean?”

The Seattle Times reports:

Each school planned its own events for “Black Lives Matter at School” day. At Leschi Elementary, for example, participants taped notes on a banner that asked “What does Black Lives Matter mean at Leschi?” Lowell Elementary’s front sign read “Black Lives Matter at Lowell.”

At such an impressionable age, a teacher forcing their politically-driven agenda on young children creates confusion, especially since so many recent Black Lives Matter rallies have turned violent.

As American Patriot Daily previously reported, Black Lives Matter protests have a history of resulting in chaos with violent attacks on innocent bystanders.

Teachers are there to teach, not to create more division under the false narrative of racial inequality.

Do you think teachers should force students to accept the message of the Black Lives Matter protestors?

Did teachers cross the line by showing up to school, in front of the students, wearing Black Lives Matter apparel?

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