The Democrats have been consistently demonizing her.

No one expected this testimony to come forward.

But now, one shocking testimony changed everyone’s opinion about Amy Coney Barrett.

Ever since Barrett’s nomination by Trump, the Democrats have been doing everything they can to attack her character and her abilities.

First they launched an assault saying that nominating her for SCOTUS in the first place went directly against the final wishes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

No one even knows if this statement is true, but it was a cheap, disrespectful move by the Democrats to gain voters’ undeserved sympathy.

Once it was clear that that particular speech was no longer going to work, the Democrats changed tactics.

They started attacking Barrett directly, insulting her intelligence, credentials, and abilities.

They claimed that as a mother of seven, Barrett did not have the necessary experience or qualifications to become a Supreme Court Justice.

Again and again they tried to chip away at her.

And the insults only got worse as the hearings started.

But now, another story has come forward.

Laura Wolk attended Notre Dame Law School and earned a Supreme Court clerkship, all while blind.

She credited Barrett’s aid in helping her become the first blind person to become a clerk for the Supreme Court.

She stated:

“You have heard over the past few days about Judge Barrett’s judicial qualities, which are beyond reproach. But should you confirm Amy Barrett, the country will receive something far greater than simply an unparalleled legal mind. It will gain the service of one of the kindest individuals I have ever known. Her brilliance is matched only by her compassion, and her integrity is unassailable.”

She continued, describing how Barrett selflessly aided her in her intense struggles at Notre Dame Law School.

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As the school year progressed, her school-assigned assistive technology was beginning to fail, making it nearly impossible for Wolk to succeed in her classes.

She went to Barrett for help and received so much more.

“I had been Judge Barrett’s student only for a few weeks, but her graciousness and warmth gave me hope that she could provide me with that assistance. Even so, I maintained relatively low expectations. Based on my past experience, I assumed that Judge Barrett would simply direct me to the proper bureaucratic channels, which could still take weeks, if not longer, to navigate. But Judge Barrett did something altogether different. She silently listened with deep attention as I explained my situation, giving me the freedom to let down my guard and come apart…When I finished, Judge Barrett leaned forward and looked at me intently. ‘Laura,’ she said, with the same measured conviction that we have seen displayed throughout her entire nomination process, ‘this is no longer your problem. It’s my problem.’”

This young woman’s story paints a picture of a truly compassionate and determined woman who is willing and able to do what it takes to help those who need help.

Wolk’s story reveals why many Americans believe Barrett is an excellent fit for the Supreme Court and the insults levied against her have no ground to stand on.