refugee-parisOne of the Paris terrorists was a refugee. Guess what Obama wants to do in America.
At least one of the eight gunmen who carried out the deadly ISIS ordered terrorist attacks in Paris where jihadists. They murdered over 120 innocents and wounded 350 and slipped into the country through the refugee program.
But don’t say we weren’t warned.
A United Nations report cautioned that 72% of the so-called “Syrian refugees” are military aged men.
And now the west’s failure to address Radical Islamists is resulting in horrific consequences.
The natural response would be to recognize that ISIS is using the refugee crisis as a front for a military operation.
Instead Barack Obama not only wants to import 10,000 Syrian “refugees,” his regime is speeding up the process of bringing them to our shores.
Reuters reports, “The Obama administration is moving to increase and accelerate the number of Syrian refugees who might be admitted into the United States by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon, administration officials told Reuters on Friday.”
And in September, Obama announced he hopes to take in up to 100,000 refugees per year.

But even the Department of Homeland Security admits it has no way to effectively screen these refugees.
As Investors Business Daily reported that under questioning in a Senate hearing, “the Homeland Security official in charge of vetting Syrian and other foreign Muslim refugees confessed that no police or intelligence databases exist to check the backgrounds of incoming refugees against criminal and terrorist records.
If the Paris attacks weren’t evidence enough that ISIS is using the refugee program to smuggle fighters into the west, an ISIS operative gave a chilling interview to BuzzFeed News describing how the Islamic State exploits the system.

BuzzFeed reports:
“Despite crackdowns from Turkish authorities, ISIS continues to move its fighters across a porous, 565-mile border that has long been a transit point for jihadis traveling to and from Syria’s war. Those who need them are given fake Syrian passports, the smuggler said, which can be relatively easy to obtain. After he receives the fighters, the smuggler said, he puts them up in a hotel, waiting for the passenger list for the refugee ship to fill and the weather to be right. They leave Turkey like many refugees: on small boats that steal them away to cargo ships anchored in international waters. The smuggler said he had 10 fighters waiting in one port city, “and we will send them on the next ship.”
Unbelievably, Obama’s policy is to increase the pace with which an even greater number of Syrian refugees will be shipped to our shores.
In response, the Republican Governors of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi and Texas have announced their states will not host Syrian refugees.
While the governors cannot stop refugees from entering their state, their cooperation is necessary to ensure the relocation process moves along.
Will the actions taken by these governors force Barack Obama to recognize the danger of ISIS fighters slipping into America as “refugees?”
If the past is any indicator, no one should count on Barack Obama to take the threat ISIS poses seriously.