Hand holding a salt shaker - studio shoot

In a scene of out prisons, kids smuggling and selling salt and sugar to cope with Obamameals

School administrators tell Congress that Barack Obama’s insistence on controlling what America’s children eat are compelling kids to literally smuggle and sell sugar and salt – like in a prison.

Obamameals, the product of new federal dictates controlling what children eat, “has resulted in unintended consequences that challenge school districts’ ability to deliver on its promise,” John S. Payne, president of Blackford County School Board of Trustees in Hartford City, Indiana, tells a House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education.

In my school district, students are slipping through a one-size-fits-all “net,” either opting out or declining to eat food that lacks appeal,” said Payne.

“Perhaps the most colorful example in my district is that students have been caught bringing–and even selling–salt, pepper, and sugar in school to add taste to perceived bland and tasteless cafeteria food,” said Payne.

“This ‘contraband’ economy is just one example of many that reinforce the call for flexibility [with the rules],” he said.

“Students are avoiding cafeteria food,” Payne said. “More students bring their lunch, and a few parents even ‘check out’ their child from campus, taking them to a local fast-food restaurant or home for lunch.”

Obama’s dictates are creating massive rises in food waste.

“Since 2012, student participation in free and reduced price meals has decreased from 56 to 54 percent in my district with a rise in food waste,” said Payne.

Even worse, Obama’s food dictates are punishing children with lactose intolerance.

Under Obama’s rules, school districts that try to provide alternative to kids with health issues are punished by the federal government.

“Some kids cannot drink or dislike milk. Our district tried to provide needed calcium to those students with juice, but was cited by the School Nutrition Department within our state education agency and was forced to discontinue the practice,” says Payne.

Obama’s food dictates are also making children weaker and punishing poor children who get most of their food from school meals.

“’One-size-fits-all’ portions may be too small for students who rely primarily on school meals or active and athletic students who need more and resist being told to “eat more broccoli” to fill the void,” said Payne.

Will Congress repeal Obama’s food dictates, or will Obama react by further tightening his iron grip on every minor detail of our personal lives?