The Obama regime is pulling out all the stops to bail out Hillary Clinton’s flagging presidential campaign.

The latest bombshell announced on Friday was that the regime was withholding 7,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails until after the first four primary states conduct their nominating contests.

The Hill reports:

On Friday, the State Department will release roughly 2,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails, but will delay the final batch of messages until after voters go to the polls in the first several primary states.

In a court filing late on Thursday evening, the department insisted that it “regrets” its inability to publish the final 7,000 pages on Friday, as a federal court ordered it to do last year.

Yet it defended the delay, blaming an internal oversight and the snowstorm that crippled Washington in the past week.

As part of the process of making the emails public, the State Department is required to have other agencies review Clinton’s emails to check whether any information should be redacted or marked as classified.

According to the department, it simply “missed” sending roughly 7,000 pages of emails to other agencies and did not notice the oversight until earlier this month.  Its efforts to correct the problem were further delayed by the snowstorm, which closed the federal government through Wednesday.

The department has said they have not even sent out documents to 12 agencies to review.

That will put off the inevitable announcement that even more classified emails were discovered on Hillary’s secret private email server and only increases the calls for her indictment.

With Hillary locked in a tight race in Iowa and trailing badly in New Hampshire behind Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, any bad news could deal a critical death blow to her campaign.

Obama and his bureaucrats stepped in to put the bad news off as long as possible to help Hillary fend off Bernie Sanders.

If Hillary can beat back the challenge from Sanders in the early states, which vote one at a time and are dominated by ideological activists, then she will have all the momentum heading into the March 1st “Super Tuesday” states where organization and money — and where Hillary is backed by the entire Democrat Party Establishment — play the deciding roles.

But the polls in the February 1st states show a toss-up race.

The RealClearPolitics average shows Hillary up by an average of just two points, with Sanders closing fast.

That’s why the Obama regime put this news out on a Friday, where it would attract as little attention as possible.

Any stumble for Hillary could push Bernie Sanders into the winners circle on caucus night.

And if Sanders were to best Hillary in Iowa, he holds an almost insurmountable lead in New Hampshire.

Winning the first two states would provide a rocket blast of momentum heading into South Carolina, where Hillary is currently favored because of her high levels of support from the state’s black voters.

But all bets are off if Hillary loses.

Like in 2008, she is basing her campaign on inevitability.

When she lost Iowa to Obama, that veil was pierced and she never recovered.

In order to avoid the same fate in 2016, Hillary is calling in all the favors she can.

American Patriot Daily previously reported on the media’s attempt to rig the election to give Hillary the advantage.

And now the Obama regime is stepping in to do what they can to tip the scales in her favor.