Barack Obama is demanding Congress pass one of his most far-reaching gun control proposals yet.

In the wake of the Orlando terror attack, Obama leapt at the chance to kick-start his failed push to gut the Second Amendment.

And the scope of the proposal was shocking.

The Orlando terrorist, Omar Mateen, was known to federal authorities.

The FBI had interviewed him three times between 2013 and 2014.

Despite the FBI’s investigation and complaints by Mateen’s coworkers to his employer that he made threatening comments about killing large numbers of people, the dots were never connected and Mateen was allowed to go free.

Political correctness appeared to play a large role in the lack of interest in Mateen.

His coworkers told the press that nothing was done after they reported his threatening comments to their bosses because Mateen was a Muslim.

So rather than address this politically correct mindset, Obama is pressing down the accelerator to ram his gun control agenda through Congress.

CNN reports:

“We are going to have to make sure that we think about the risks we are willing to take by being so lax in how we make very powerful firearms available to people in this country,” Obama said. “My concern is that we start getting into a debate, as has happened in the past, which is an either/or debate.”

“It’s not an either/or. It’s a both/and,” Obama said. “We have to counter extremism, but we also have to make sure it’s not easy for somebody who decides they want to harm people in this country to be able to obtain weapons to get at them….”

“It’s crazy. It’s a problem,” Obama said of laws that prevent law enforcement agencies from being alerted when a person on a watch list purchases a gun…

…”The danger is it ends up being the usual political debate, and the NRA and the gun control folks say ‘Obama doesn’t want to talk about terrorism,'” he said. “The point is if we have self-radicalized individuals in this country, then they are going to be very difficult to find ahead of time. And how easy it is for them to obtain weapons is going to make a difference if they are able to carry about attacks like this or not. And we make it very easy.”

The legislation Obama and the Democrats have thrown their support behind is Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) bill, which would allow the Justice Department to block firearm sales to “known terrorists” if they believe that individual will use the gun for violent means.

Critics point out several problems with Feinstein’s bill.

The terror watch list was created in 2003, and has swelled to include over one million names.

The names are added secretly, and there is little to no resistance to an individual being placed on the list.

McClatchy reports:

In 2013, authorities proposed adding 468,749 names to the list of known or suspected terrorists. Nearly 99 percent of the proposed names made the list, officials disclosed in a court filing earlier this year.

 While in just one year the federal government proposed adding nearly half a million names to the list, only about 16,000 are removed annually.

Gun rights advocates point out individuals who are arbitrarily placed on the terror watch list would be stripped of their rights without due process of law, which is a fundamental guarantee in American society.

Should Congress allow Barack Obama to strip the gun rights of one million individuals without due process of law?

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