According to Obama, the biggest disappointment of his presidency was his failure to push national gun registration through congress.

And rather than accept the will of the people, he threw a temper tantrum, and promised to act like a king and impose gun control via executive fiat.

Now the other shoe is dropping.

In a New Year’s Eve news dump, Obama’s proposed gun grab was leaked to the press.

Politico reports:

“According to gun industry insiders and others familiar with the proposals, the changes include requiring an expanded number of small-scale gun sellers to be licensed — and therefore conduct background checks — whenever selling a weapon. This wouldn’t close the so-called gun show loophole, though it has the potential to narrow it.

The administration is also expected to impose tighter rules for reporting guns that get lost or stolen on their way to a buyer.”

Forcing more gun owners to register with the federal government is a strategic plank of the gun-grabbing agenda, and there’s no doubt this is what Obama’s executive actions are intended to accomplish.

Yet, the anti-gun group Everytown backed by billionaire Mike Bloomberg is complaining these executive actions don’t go far enough to herd gun owners into a government database.

Politico also reports:

“Everytown has recommended adding several factors to the definition — including selling guns in their original packaging, reselling a gun shortly after acquiring it, maintaining a certain quantity of guns for sale or selling more than 25 guns a year — as possible signals that someone needs a license.”

The only reason to herd gun owners into national gun registration database is to know who owns guns so the government can know where to go to confiscate them.

Obama has spoken glowingly of Australia’s gun confiscation scheme.

National Review reports:

“Couple of decades ago, Australia had a mass shooting, similar to Columbine or Newtown. And Australia just said, well, that’s it, we’re not doing, we’re not seeing that again, and basically imposed very severe, tough gun laws, and they haven’t had a mass shooting since. Our levels of gun violence are off the charts. There’s no advanced, developed country that would put up with this.”

It’s interesting that Democrats used to pretend to be anti-gun to win elections. Talking like Republicans on guns was how Democrats won control of Congress in 2006.

But the Obama era has shifted the Democrat party dramatically in a Marxist direction and the push for gun control was a key factor in the party being flushed out of the majority in the 2010 and 2014 elections.

Now, free from having to pretend, the Democrats are showing their true colors about who they really are.

And it’s every bit as bad as gun owners feared – a national database of gun owners to keep records of who owns guns and how many – so one day government agents can storm your house and confiscate your guns.

Happy New Year.