2887427240_f52c12c69d_mFDA implements Bloomberg food policies with new nationwide ban on trans fat

The Obama administration is banning trans fat in all foods as part of his plan to personally control Americans’ diets, the Free Beacon reports.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had previously ordered food makers to reduce trans fat by 85 percent.  The new rule is expected to virtually ban all trans fat in any food anywhere.

Trans fat has been used for foods for decades, and there is no scientific consensus on what danger, if any, it poses.

Instead of protecting health, Obama’s food ban seems more intent on impressing upon the masses the fact the government can and will dictate even the most inane of our personal choices.

Experts are stunned by Obama’s latest power grab.

“The FDA’s scary assumptions are based on wobbly models piled on top of wishful thinking and doused with junk science,” said Jeff Stier, senior fellow and Risk Analysis Division Director for the National Center for Policy Research.

“Today, trans fats are generally used at very low levels for specific purposes that are difficult or costly to replace. Used in sprinkles for ice cream, microwave popcorn and Red Lobster biscuits, the remaining trans fat in the diet are there because they serve a specific function,” said Stier.

“If FDA determines that [partially hydrogenated oils] are not [generally recognized as safe], it could, in effect, mean the end of artificial, industrially-produced trans fat in foods,” FDA’s Office of Food Additive Safety Director Dennis M. Keefe, Ph. D, said in an FDA released consumer update.

Government management of privately-owned businesses for the purpose of achieving national social goals is commonly called fascism.

After banning trans fat, former may of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, next banned soda.

The architects of that social engineering experiment are now working for Barack Obama.

Trans fat is a major ingredient in many popular foods.  The new Obama dictate could outlaw current production of such popular items as French fries, ice cream, pies, cakes, pancakes, microwave popcorn, fried chicken, crackers and cookies.