In a time where “anything goes”, President Obama has just admitted 12,486 Muslims into the United States.

Obama previously outlined his plan to welcome 10,000 Syrian refuges to America during the fiscal year of 2016, but he surpassed even his own goal, and a total of 12,587 Syrian refugees were admitted.

But of the 12,587 Syrian refuges admitted, an overwhelmingly 98 percent of them were Sunni Muslims, and only .5 percent were Christian.

Or numerically speaking: 12,486 were Muslims, and only 68 were Christian.

68 Christians.

While the liberals are forcing “religious tolerance”, Christians and other religious minorities continue to be discriminated against.

CNSNEWS reports:

“Throughout the year, the numbers of Christians and other religious minorities among the Syrians granted refugee status in the U.S. were dwarfed by those of Sunni Muslims.

Although the majority of Syrians are Sunnis, the number of Sunnis among the refugees was still disproportionately high, and the number of Christians disproportionately low, when compared to the overall population makeup.

When the conflict began in 2011, an estimated 10 percent of the Syrian population (1.5-1.7 million) was Christian and 74 percent was Sunni Muslim.

In contrast, Christians accounted for just half of one percent of the refugees resettled in the United States in FY 2016, while Sunnis accounted for 98.2 percent.”

Many Americans are concerned about the security threat the massive amounts of refugees pose now that they’re entering America virtually unchecked.

Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence has attempted to stop Syrian refugees from flooding his state, but he was recently shot down by a Federal Court.

The Washington Times reports:

“Judge Richard Posner, writing for the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, said there’s no evidence that Syrians are more dangerous than other refugees, and he said even if they are, allowing Indiana to refuse to resettle them would only foist the problem onto neighboring states.

“Federal law does not allow a governor to deport to other states immigrants he deems dangerous,” Judge Posner wrote.

He said if Mr. Pence has worries, the governor should report his fears to federal bureaucrats for redress.

The court said Indiana agencies don’t have to cooperate with the federal government, but the state can’t ban Syrian refugees, nor can it order nonprofit groups to stop helping the resettlement efforts.”

While Pence shares the same concerns of many Americans about the potential threat of unscreened refugees and the security gaps in the screening process, it looks like he doesn’t have a choice and must accept the refugees to his state.

Townhall reports the number of refugees admitted under Obama is the highest it’s been in the past 17 years.

It looks like Obama’s New America is becoming a reality.

What do you think about the 12,486 Muslims who are now living here in America?

Was Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence right in trying to stop them from entering his state?

Do you think more Christians should have been admitted?

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