The left has declared all-out war on Donald Trump.

When he signed his new executive orders to implement extreme vetting to prevent dangerous Islamists from entering America, the left immediately launched professional protests.

But it wasn’t the only way they fought Trump. Obama’s lawless appointees tried to sabotage Trump from within.

Because the Democrats in the Senate are engaging in unprecedented obstruction, Trump’s nominee for Attorney General Senator Jeff Sessions still has not been confirmed.

Because of the vacancy at the top of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Sally Yates – an Obama appointee – was serving as acting Attorney General.

In her role, she released a letter instructing the DOJ to not defend Trump’s executive order from legal challenges.

She made no effort to lay out a legal case for her decision.

Yates took up the mantle for social justice warriors and simply declared the policy should not be defended in court because it wasn’t “wise”.

Her actions created a Constitutional crisis.

Trump promptly fired her.

In a statement posted to Facebook, he explained her gross insubordination was cause for her termination:

Statement on the Appointment of Dana Boente as Acting Attorney General

The acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States. This order was approved as to form and legality by the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel.

Ms. Yates is an Obama Administration appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration.

It is time to get serious about protecting our country. Calling for tougher vetting for individuals travelling from seven dangerous places is not extreme. It is reasonable and necessary to protect our country.

Tonight, President Trump relieved Ms. Yates of her duties and subsequently named Dana Boente, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, to serve as Acting Attorney General until Senator Jeff Sessions is finally confirmed by the Senate, where he is being wrongly held up by Democrat senators for strictly political reasons.

“I am honored to serve President Trump in this role until Senator Sessions is confirmed. I will defend and enforce the laws of our country to ensure that our people and our nation are protected,” said Dana Boente, Acting Attorney General.

Trump noted in his tweets that the Democrats are slow walking his cabinet picks and saddling him with Obama holdovers.

The Obama administration was known for its lawlessness.

Because Trump was stuck with their holdovers while the Democrats delayed his nominees’ confirmation hearings, Obama’s lawlessness was able to hamstring the Trump administration.

But Trump had the final say by promptly firing Sally Yates.