Barack Obama wasn’t leaving quietly.

His final days as President included a flurry of activity to make Donald Trump’s life as difficult as possible.

And that included banning something that will infuriate millions of Americans.

In 2007, the federal government began regulating light bulbs to force consumers to use more “energy efficient” light bulbs to combat so-called man made “global warming.”

On his way out the door, Obama expanded this regulation to ban even more light bulbs.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The Department of Energy (DOE) outlawed more light bulbs Thursday in a final regulatory surge from the outgoing Obama administration.

President Barack Obama’s DOE expanded the class of bulbs covered by a 2007 light bulb ban to include bug lights, three-way bulbs, “rough service lamps,” and some decorative bulbs, such as globe-shaped bulbs. Bulbs that had previously been exempt from the ban are now included in the new regulation.

The administration argued the expansion is needed because consumers might use the unregulated bulbs to replace regulated ones. “DOE expects these sales will likely increase since these lamps could be used as replacements for other regulated lamp types,” the law reads.

Manufacturers make the now outlawed globe-shaped bulbs that had previously met the standards, but consumers were left with the option to buy globe-shaped bulbs of the old type.”

Many Americans believe it is no business of the government what light bulbs they buy.

But Barack Obama wants a large, intrusive government that controls virtually every aspect of Americans lives.

Unless you are a homosexual who wants to get married, or a man looking to use the girl’s bathroom, or a woman looking for an abortion, Obama and the left do not believe you should have any freedom of choice.

And that extends to the light bulbs in your house.

Obama already expanded the 2007 law in 2012 when his administration banned 100 watt incandescent light bulbs.

This light bulb ban that began in 2007 and continued into the Obama years cost jobs.

Factories closed, lives were decimated, and the jobs to make the new “energy efficient” light bulbs would be sent to China.

In 2010, the Heritage Foundation wrote:

“The latest attack is the unnecessary job losses from traditional incandescent manufacturers in the United States. After already closing factories in Kentucky and Ohio, General Electric recently announced that it is closing its major incandescent factory in Winchester, Virginia—a factory that employed 200 people and the last major incandescent manufacturing facility in the United States.

The jobs likely replacing those put out of work by the government will be in China. The U.S. imports CFL bulbs because the process of making CFLs is labor intensive, and labor in China is comparatively much cheaper.”

Government policies that forced factories to close and ship jobs overseas to countries like China paved the way for Donald Trump’s election.

Obama banning even more light bulbs as he leaves office proves he is still completely detached from the reality of everyday Americans.