As President Obama’s eight years in office comes to an end, one of his advisers and senior strategists, Valerie Jarrett, spoke on a talk show about the great “scandal-free” legacy that Obama would leave for posterity.

Of course, it is a strategist’s job to put a positive spin on the actions of her employer; however, Obama’s administration has been far from scandal free.

In fact, the country is in worse shape following his two terms in office than it has been at any other time in recent history.

Judge and Judicial Analyst, Andrew Napolitano, recently opined for Newsmax on the many disastrous policy failures — and, yes, scandals — that will shadow Obama’s legacy.

Perhaps the most well-known and damaging of President Obama’s policy failures has been the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” or ObamaCare, which has devastated millions of Americans, both financially and in terms of the care they receive.

Newsmax reported on Napolitano’s analysis of ObamaCare:

Instead of reducing taxes or regulations or spending so more folks would have better-paying jobs, the president and his folks were determined to tell us all how to stay healthy.

At the time it was enacted, the president argued vociferously that the financial consequence of not obtaining health insurance — the penalty for disobeying the law — was not a tax. He made that argument because he had promised Democrats — many of whom lost their congressional seats for going along with his utopian experiment — that he would not raise taxes to accomplish his purposes.

Not only was this a blatant falsehood, but also the promise that Americans would get to keep their plans, their doctors, and receive better overall healthcare.

Now millions are paying astronomical deductibles, being turned away from doctors, and being dropped by insurance companies who are leaving the marketplace — all of it dealing a hefty blow to the economy and the well-being of Americans.

Then, there were the disastrous foreign policy debacles, such as “Operation Fast and Furious,” in which guns were intentionally allowed to fall into the hands of Mexican gang members with the mistaken assumption that it would lead the feds to the ringleaders of drug cartels, and Benghazi, where terrorists attacked the U.S. Embassy, killing American citizens and the Ambassador, after Obama did nothing to respond to requests for increased security.

Also under Obama’s regime was the scandal of the president’s Secret Service agents being involved in sexual encounters while on duty supposedly protecting the president, which also resulted in the loss of laptops and travel plans which could have put the president and his staff in danger while traveling abroad.

And then the nation found out that illegal surveillance of American citizens was taking place, thanks to whistle blower Edward Snowden, without the approval or knowledge of Congress.  When the truth was uncovered, Obama officials were found to have lied under oath — and also created their own interpretation of the Constitution, claiming it was done for the safety of Americans, while really putting them in danger.

And, lest we forget, all of the scandal surrounding Obama’s pal and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who he campaigned for — asking the nation to trust him in his representation of her sterling character and ability to lead.

As Andrew Napolitano tells Newsmax:

Which legacy is worse, failure or scandal? Is it any wonder Donald Trump tapped into the raw nerves of the folks the president and the Democrats forgot about and rode their anger to victory? Americans today are less free, less prosperous, less safe and trillions more in debt than we were eight years ago.

Sorry, Obama, but your legacy is rapidly tarnishing.  The American people have demanded change.  It must be because your time in office was “scandal-free.”