Barak Obama set the tone for his failed Presidency with an apology tour in 2009 where he refused to say radical Islamic terrorism and bowed before the Saudi King.

Critics considered those two moments the biggest disgrace of his Presidency.

In his apology tour speech in Cairo, Egypt, Obama made zero mentions of terrorism.

Instead he blamed the United States and made excuses for Islamic terrorists.

Breitbart reports:

“Obama opened with “Assalamualaikum”, going on to apologise for colonialism, proxy wars, hostility to Islam, and quoting the “Holy” Quran. He spoke of civilization’s “debt to Islam”, his responsibility to defend the Muslim faith, the hijab, and declare “Islam is a part of America”.

After this submissive introduction — having spent the first seven pages of his speech brown-nosing his audience — he noted that “violent extremists” needed to be confronted, closing with: “Islam is not part of the problem…”

In fact, Obama quoted the Quran four times and even described the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a “great trauma.”

Breitbart reports:

“Obama described 9/11 as an “enormous trauma” rather than a terrorist atrocity, opting to deploy the word “extremism” 11 times in his speech, which President Trump also used nine times.

As a result, Obama lacked action points, policy goals, or anything of substance when it came to tacking terrorism. President Trump on the other hand announced the formulation of the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center, insisting: “Muslim nations must be willing to take on the burden, if we are going to defeat terrorism and send its wicked ideology into oblivion”.

Obama also disgraced America in 2009 when bowed before the Saudi King at the G20 summit meeting.

Fox News reports:

“In 2009, Obama appeared to bow to then-Saudi leader King Abdullah at a G-20 summit in London.

Videos show Obama bending at the waist toward the king. The White House at the time purportedly denied that the president had bowed, with a source saying Obama was taller than the king, so he had to lean.”

Trump corrected both of these Obama embarrassments.

In his speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia, Trump made zero mentions of the Quran.

And he used the words “Islamic terrorism.”

In fact, he deviated from his prepared marks to take a harsher line on calling out Muslim nations for not tackling the truth about terrorism.

Conservatives praised the speech.

Trump also greeted the Saudi King by shaking his hand.

The anti-Trump media tried to create the story that Trump also bowed before the Saudi King, but this was fake news.

The Saudi King presented Trump with a gift and Trump had to lower his head so the King could place it around his neck.

After eight years of Obama apologizing for America and disgracing the nation, millions of Americans were thrilled to once again have a President they could take pride in.