obama-hillaryDespite Hillary’s claim that she never sent nor received private documents on her personal email server, the facts tell a disturbing story.

Twenty-two emails discovered across seven email chains contained so much classified information they can’t even be released to the public.

Her Nixonesque demand for secrecy resulted in the our nation’s most highly-classified intelligence being sent over an unsecured, private server, offering up documents to hackers from China, Russia, and even Islamic extremists.

It’s hard to imagine why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t end up indicted.

The Associated Press reports:

“The Obama administration confirmed for the first time Friday that Hillary Clinton’s home server contained closely guarded government secrets, censoring 22 emails that contained material requiring one of the highest levels of classification. The revelation comes three days before Clinton competes in the Iowa presidential caucuses.

State Department officials also said the agency’s Diplomatic Security and Intelligence and Research bureaus are investigating if any of the information was classified at the time of transmission, going to the heart of Clinton’s defense of her email practices.

The department published its latest batch of emails from her time as secretary of state Friday evening.

But The Associated Press learned ahead of the release that seven email chains would be withheld in full for containing “top secret” information. The 37 pages include messages a key intelligence official recently said concerned “special access programs” —highly restricted, classified material that could point to confidential sources or clandestine programs like drone strikes.”

If the Obama regime refuses to indict her out of political sympathy, then the American people need to take into account the risk she poses to our national security.

Remember, this isn’t the first time Hillary failed America.

She refused to provide adequate security at our consulate in Benghazi and as consequence four Americans were murdered in a terrorist attack.

This was strike one.

And now, it’s very likely our enemies have read Hillary’s emails and know our nation’s most highly-classified intelligence information.

This is strike two.

Meanwhile, the lies continue to pile up.

The Associated Press also reports:

“Last March, Clinton and the State Department said no business conducted in the emails included top-secret matters. Both said her account was never hacked or compromised, which security experts assess as unlikely.

Clinton and the State Department also claimed the vast majority of her emails were preserved properly for archiving because she corresponded mainly with government accounts. They’ve backtracked from that claim in recent months.”

Hillary’s failure to tell the truth is “strike three – you’re out!”

In fact, she should be kicked off the team entirely and sent either to prison or rejected in overwhelming fashion by the American people.