When Justice Antonin Scalia tragically passed away, Barack Obama didn’t even wait for the body to turn cold before announcing his intentions to nominate a radical left-wing justice, tipping the balance for the next generation of progressives.

In an immediate response, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Republicans would not consider Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

With a closely divided 5-4 court, this fight would determine the future of our Constitution and liberty.

Since Republicans folded on Obamacare, blocked illegal executive amnesty and eliminated the sequester spending-caps, many pundits in Washington didn’t believe Republicans possessed the resolve to stand strong.

Both Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid predicted Republicans would collapse under pressure and confirm Obama’s protégé to the Supreme Court.

American Patriot Daily previously reported on President Obama’s plan to smear Republicans as racist which would force them to accept his left-wing nominee.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that after holding a closed-door meeting with his caucus, Republicans will not even hold hearings on Obama’s replacement.

CNN reports:

“In an unprecedented move, Senate Republicans vowed to deny holding confirmation hearings for President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee — even promising to deny meeting privately with whomever the President picks.

The historic move outraged Democrats and injected Supreme Court politics into the center of an already tense battle for the White House.

“I don’t know how many times we need to keep saying this: The Judiciary Committee has unanimously recommended to me that there be no hearing. I’ve said repeatedly and I’m now confident that my conference agrees that this decision ought to be made by the next president, whoever is elected,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday.

He then added he would not likely meet with any nominee, a custom that high court nominees typically do before hearings. “I don’t know the purpose of such a visit I would not be inclined to take it myself.”

Of course the media is portraying this move as “unprecedented” and obstructionist, but Republicans are simply following the Constitution.

Article II of the Constitution clearly delegates the power of “advise and consent” nominations to the Executive branch.

There is no mandate to roll over and confirm any nominee put forward by the President.

And yet Obama blusters that it’s Congress’ duty to approve his Supreme Court nominee.

But Republicans are just following the standard set forth by none other than Senator Joe Biden.

American Patriot Daily reported on a speech given by Senator Biden in 1992. He declared that President George W. Bush should not appoint a Supreme Court justice in an election.

The Republican’s opening move is to stand with their base and block Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

But the Democrats will ratchet up the rhetoric and turn to their media allies to wear down the Republican resolve.

Will they stick to their guns and continue to stand strong?

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