Barack Obama immediately exploited the Orlando terror attack and restarted his own attack on the Second Amendment.

He and his allies in Congress believed they could emotionally blackmail Republicans in the wake of the tragedy into accepting gun control.

But Republicans surprised many observers with how they responded.

Obama has said that Congress’ failure to pass his national gun registration scheme following the Sandy Hook tragedy was the biggest disappointment of his Presidency.

Gun control has lain dormant since Obama’s gun registration bill failed to clear the 60 vote threshold required to proceed on a final vote.

But after the Orlando terror attack, Democrats exhumed the push for gun control.

They launched a 15-hour filibuster hoping to force Republicans to accept legislation that would impose a national gun registry and strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights without due process.

Critics blasted Obama and the Democrats for politicizing the tragedy.

Instead of confronting the fact that the shooter was motivated by Islam, Obama and his allies sought to blame the tragedy on the Second Amendment.

Conservatives became concerned when Republicans caved in the face of media pressure and agreed to hold votes on both of the bills, including two “compromise” pieces of legislation offered by none other than the GOP themselves.

But storms of protest erupted from gun owners, and phone calls and emails flooded the Senate offices demanding members vote against the bills.

Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights, helped lead the opposition.

He emailed his supporters encouraging them to call their Senators:

“Now, of course the anti-gun Democrats like Dianne Feinstein would like to do away with due process for gun owners altogether. 

They’re relishing the thought of President Obama or anti-gun Attorney General Loretta Lynch armed with the power to declare law-abiding gun owners “terrorists.”

If passed, they would be able to strip your gun rights INDEFINITELY without due process.

No judge, no jury . . .

But even the Cornyn proposal allows President Obama to classify gun owners as “terrorists” and strip their gun rights before any court has a say.”

As a result of grassroots opposition, all four pieces of legislation failed to gain the 60 vote threshold and were successfully blocked from receiving a final vote.

Barack Obama was furious.

He is accustomed to the Republicans in Congress rolling over and handing him 150% of his agenda.

Obama ranted about his defeat on twitter.

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