Liberals like to pretend Barack Obama has the rhetorical talents of Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare and Moses all rolled into one.

But without his trusty teleprompter, Obama is lost at sea.

And a new video of him speaking off the cuff has Americans across the country laughing at his embarrassing attempt to veer off script.

At a campaign style rally in Elkhart, Indiana, Obama lit into Donald Trump and Republicans for not giving him enough credit for the “success” of his policies and for trying to divide Americans along race, gender, and religious lines.

However, Obama abandoned his teleprompter and came across as a nervous fifth grader giving their first public speech.

You can watch the video below.

But what Rush Limbaugh said really reduced Obama to basket case status was Trump’s success on Twitter.

Politico reports:

Barack Obama’s stammering during a speech in which he denounced Donald Trump suggests that the presumptive Republican nominee is “in his head,” Rush Limbaugh said Thursday, mocking Obama for his frequent pauses while speculating that many opposed to Trump are motivated at least partially out of jealousy.

 “He is livid that Trump is so creative on Twitter. He’s jealous as hell of it, and he’s angry that people respond positively to it,” the conservative radio host told listeners, according to a transcript. “I told you yesterday. I told you yesterday, there’s all kinds of jealously [sic]. One of the reasons that Trump has got some opposition is there are people jealous. There are all kinds of people in politics, in the media —  you name it elsewhere — corporate America, jealous. They would love to be Trump. They would love to experience what Trump [has] experienced. They would love to be the focal point and the recipient of all of this positive energy, massive crowds…

 …You know, he said something about Trump, and this is another indication of just how much Trump is bothering Obama. Obama said,” Limbaugh continued, imitating the president, “‘Well, what magic wand does Trump have? What magic wand do you have, Trump?’ Now, what he meant was, here’s Trump out there on the campaign trail and he’s talked about all these things he’s gonna fix.”

But Obama is hardly one to talk.

He waltzed into the White House in 2008 largely by spouting promises of “Hope and Change” and by hiding how radical he really was.

And all of his policy prescriptions have failed.

The stimulus was a disaster, ObamaCare continues to kill jobs, and those Americans who are lucky enough not to lose their health insurance are seeing their premiums skyrocket.

However, Limbaugh points out that Trump running on Obama’s failures isn’t what’s driving his anger.

What ticks off Obama is Trump becoming a bigger pop culture force than he is.

In 2008, Obama was the “hot new thing” who drew massive crowds.

Now he has been supplanted by Donald Trump and his famous Twitter feed.

While Obama appeared on Saturday Night Live, Trump was chosen to host the program.

Everything about Trump’s campaign is bigger, bolder and more exciting.

And it’s turning President Obama into a stammering mess.