education+stock+diversity+college+students+happy+casualDemocrats rush to impose “free” community college before 2016 election, with no plan to pay for it

Barack Obama’s scheme to buy millennial votes with promises of “free” community college is already ballooning out of control, and Congress hasn’t even voted on yet it.

“(Wisconsin Democrat Senator Tammy) Baldwin estimated the federal government’s total cost for the program will be $90 billion over the next 10 years, with $80 billion of that coming from the community college program and $10 billion directed toward institutions that serve primarily minorities,” reports Real Clear Politics.

That’s already 50 percent more than Obama promised when he first announced the scheme.

“That number is up from the $60 billion estimated by the White House in January, and it implies Washington will expect states to cough up around $30 billion on their own in accordance with the proposed three-to-one ratio of federal-to-state contributions,” reports RCP.

If the program is enacted and becomes a government entitlement, the costs will grow exponentially.

Making “free” community college a federal entitlement would throw gasoline on the federal debt fire.

With the 2016 presidential election growing nearer, undeterred congressional Democrats and the White House are ready to pass the plan, even though they haven’t even figured out where the money will come from.

“Less clear was whether the plan would pay for itself – for example, by reallocating funds already earmarked for education – or whether new sources of state and federal funding would need to be found,” reports RCP.

The bill is part of a plan by Democrats to have Congress coordinate with presidential campaigns to buy votes in the presidential election.

“Reducing or eliminating higher education costs has become one of the key proposals of Democratic presidential campaigns, as well,” reports RCP. “Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is expected to release her own “debt-free” college plan soon.”

The Democrat vote-buying scheme was inspired by Republican programs to increase the size, cost and scope of government.

“Obama launched his community college plan while visiting Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tenn., on Jan. 9. There, he highlighted legislation enacted by the state’s Republican governor and legislature to make community and technical colleges free,” reports RCP.