White House silent as liberal group repeatedly honored by president engages in mob attack on decorated vet.

Public pressure is growing for Barack Obama to meet with a decorated Iraq War vet who was brutally beaten and robbed by members of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Obama has made a point of meeting with “Black Lives Matter” activists who claim to have been targeted by the police.

But despite public outrage, the White House has not issued any statement on the crime, which occurred less than a mile away.

Security video from a McDonald’s restaurant in Washington, D.C.’s Chinatown, just blocks from the White House, shows a mob of “Black Lives Matter” activists savagely beating, then robbing, Christopher Marquez.

Marquez served as a member of the Marine Corps from 2003 to 2011. He was awarded a Bronze Star for his heroic actions in combat in Fallujah, Iraq.

He “refused to leave a badly wounded Marine behind, even under heavy gunfire,” The Washington Times reports. “He was also famously photographed during that deployment helping carry then-1st Sgt. Bradley Kasal out of a house in Fallujah. Kasal was wounded and later received the Navy Cross. The photograph was later turned into a statue at Camp Lejeune, NC, and Camp Pendleton, CA.”

Marquez was eating at the McDonald’s February 11th when he was approached by a mob of black youths.

They asked him, “Do you believe Black Lives Matter?”

Not sure of their intentions, he did not respond.

The group reacted by brutally punching and kicking Marquez until he was unconscious, then stealing his cash and credit cards.

Security video confirms Marquez’s account of the crime.

Marquez is disappointed that he survived combat in Iraq only to be attacked just blocks from the White House.

“We’re there to protect our country so that people … don’t have to be scared of getting killed or being attacked,” he says. “We’re all Americans, especially in the military. We serve with people from all backgrounds. It seems like there is so much tension right now. It’s very sad.”

“I believe this was a hate crime, and I was targeted because of my skin color,” Marquez told the Daily Caller. “Too many of these types of attacks have been happening against white people by members of the black community and the majority of the mainstream media refuses to report on it.”

President Obama refuses to comment on the crime, but instead announced plans to meet with “Black Lives Matter” leader DeRay Mckesson, who has announced plans to run for mayor of Baltimore, MD, which members of “Black Lives Matter” burned in riots last year.