brian terryObama administration banned the any mention of its gun selling operation during the trial

Two illegal aliens have been found guilty of gunning down a Border Patrol agent in a crime that helped shine light on Barack Obama’s policy of selling weapons to Mexican drug lords in the hopes the resulting crime would build support for gun control.

“After hours of deliberation, jurors found two illegal aliens guilty on all counts in connection with the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry,” Breitbart reports.

“The guilty verdict confirms that Ivan Soto Barraza and Jesus Leonel Sanchez Mesa, two men who had entered the country illegally as part of a crew of gunmen bent on robbing drug cartel smugglers, killed Terry during a shootout.”

Barraza and Mesa were part of a gang that was robbing drug dealers when they were confronted by Border Patrol agents.

The drug dealers were armed with rifles.

The Border Patrol agents were armed with bean bags.

Brian Terry was shot and killed.

But the crime became an Obama scandal when law enforcement learned where the drug dealers got their weapons.

Two of the guns they used to attack law enforcement were sold to Mexican drug gangs by the Obama Justice Department as part of its “Fast and Furious” gun smuggling operation.

Under the Bush administration, Mexican drug gangs were allowed to illegally buy weapons, but the criminals were immediately arrested at the point of sale – stopping the guns from being used in crimes.

But the Obama administration stopped arresting the illegal buyers, letting drug gangs walk away with heavy firepower.  The Obama administration wanted to see what crimes the guns would be used in to build the case for tougher anti-gun laws.

The answer was over 300 murders – including that of hundreds of innocent civilians, and a Border Patrol agent.

The U.S. District Court jury in Tucson found Barraza and Mesa guilty of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, conspiracy, attempted robbery, carrying a firearm in a violent crime, and four counts of assaulting a federal officer.

The Obama administration banned the judge, prosecutors or defense from mentioning that the guns used to murder a federal agent were sold to the suspects by the Obama administration.