Barack Obama delivered his farewell address in Chicago yesterday.

Many Americans were thrilled it was the last time he would publicly speak as President.

But it easily turned into the most ridiculous speech of his Presidency.

One of Obama’s reoccurring themes in his final victory lap speeches has been that no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned nor executed an attack on American soil.

And he boasted of this again last night.

RedState reports:

“Because of the extraordinary courage of our men and women in uniform, and the intelligence officers, law enforcement, and diplomats who support them, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years…”

However, this is one big fat lie.

ISIS-inspired jihadists repeatedly struck on U.S. soil in the final two years of the Obama administration.

In 2015, ISIS-inspired gunmen opened fire at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas where free speech activists were holding a “Draw Mohammed” contest.

And in December of that year, two jihadists murdered 14 innocent Americans in San Bernardino, California after being radicalized by ISIS propaganda.

Then in June of 2016, a terrorist pledging allegiance to ISIS massacred 49 Americans at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida.

The Pulse Night Club attack raised even more controversy when the Obama administration tried to censor the transcript of the killer’s 9-1-1 call where he stated his intentions were to carry out his acts of murder in the name of ISIS.

Finally, in November of 2016, ISIS announced they were behind the attack where a Somali refugee injured 11 by using his car to run over innocent bystanders, and then stabbed others with a knife.

ISIS took credit for this attack saying the terrorist responded to their call for jihad.

Obama also claimed that race relations were much better after his Presidency than in decades past.

This statement was made right on the heels of four blacks in Chicago being charged with a hate crime for torturing a white man while streaming the video on Facebook Live.

Recent days have also seen the head of the Congressional Black Caucus threaten violence against Republicans for removing a painting hung by Representative William Clay (D-MO) which was from one of his constituents and depicts cops as pigs.

Tensions with police are also far worse ever since Obama wrapped his arms around the controversial Black Lives Matter movement.

Critics argue that by giving legitimacy to the radical group and their dubious claims that police are targeting young black men, it gave rise to the wave of targeted assassinations and attempted killings of police officers that swept across America from Texas to Louisiana to Wisconsin to Georgia.

Americans are used to Obama lecturing everyone about how great he is and how lucky we are to live in his America.

But the true legacy Obama never mentioned is that Americans were so sick of his Presidency, that they elected Donald Trump.