Barack Obama continues to empty the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay despite the danger former inmates pose to American national security.

Protecting America and defending our vital interests conflicts with Obama’s world view that America is inherently an unjust nation whose military wreaks havoc on innocent people and countries.

Obama believes the detention facility – which houses the worst of the worst captured in the War on Terror – undermines American values.

Congress has repeatedly attempted to block Obama from closing the facility all-together, and trying the prisoners in U.S. Courts.

But now there are reports that one of the released inmates has returned to the battlefield in a senior role for one of America’s most deadly enemies.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“The Obama administration is coming under pressure to explain why it cleared for release a former Guantanamo Bay prison camp inmate who has become a senior Al Qaeda operative since being released from American custody.

 Ibrahim al Qosi, a former Gitmo inmate who the Obama administration released to Sudan in 2012 after clearing him as a low-level risk, has recently reemerged as a top leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, according to congressional leaders.

The Obama administration has released as many as 37 inmates from Guantanamo since 2015 as it pursues an effort to shut the prison down; as many as 17 detainees were freed in January alone. Fewer than 100 inmates remain imprisoned at the facility.

Al Qosi’s appearance in a new series of al Qaeda propaganda videos has prompted backlash on Capitol Hill from lawmakers who accuse the administration of not properly vetting inmates as it rushes to shutter Gitmo.

“The transfer of terror detainee Ibrahim al Qosi from Gitmo to the Sudanese government has resulted in a new frontman for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and reminds us that no facility in the world can detain terrorists as securely as Guantanamo,” Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) told the Washington Free Beacon on Thursday.”

American Patriot Daily has previously reported on Obama releasing dangerous Gitmo inmates (hyper link “dangerous Gitmo inmates”

But Al Qosi’s turn as Al Qaeda’s new front man is nothing new.

The Free Beacon also relayed that the Pentagon reported to Congress that 30% of inmates released from Gitmo return to the battlefield.

So one is left to wonder…. if one out of every three prisoners released from Gitmo subsequently takes up arms against Americans, why are even more prisoners being released, and why were any released in the first place?

Just who is Obama committed to?

Defending America or appeasing global jihad?

Obama is purposefully endangering American lives in order to keep his 2008 campaign promise to shut down Gitmo.

But since Congress continually blocks his efforts, he end runs the people’s elected representatives by emptying the prisons through his release scheme.

His Defense Secretary has spoken out that this program is not only dangerous, but illegal. (hyper link “illegal”

Obama’s zealousness is putting American lives at risk and violating the law.

Yet, Republicans in Congress refuse to impeach Obama, disarming themselves of the only means to hold this lawless President accountable.

So the November election is our last opportunity to keep the most dangerous terrorists in the world locked up by electing a President committed to fighting the threat of radical Islamic terrorism instead of pretending it doesn’t exist.

Should Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders emerge victorious it’s impossible to see them doing anything but carrying out Obama’s programs, freeing prisoners and continuing to treat terrorism like a law enforcement matter, much the same way President Clinton did before 9/11.

And we all saw how that worked out.