German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the White House to meet with President Donald Trump last month.

During their meeting, a German reporter questioned Trump about his claim that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped the Trump Tower during the election – to which Trump joked that he and Merkle may have, “something in common, perhaps.”

Merkel gave a weird frown like she didn’t know what he was referring to.  But she did know, because in 2013, Germany discovered American intelligence agencies had been tapping Merkel’s phones for many years.

But Obama and Merkel buried the hatchet.

And now Obama is seemingly going behind President Trump’s back in a visit with Merkel – and they might be up to something.

Yahoo News reported:

“Former President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on May 25, in his first trip to Europe since he left office.

Obama will arrive in Germany on the same day when his successor President Donald Trump is expected to make his first trip to the country since becoming president. Trump is expected to visit Brussels for a meeting with other NATO leaders.

The former president will visit Germany for the launch of celebratory events organized by the Protestant Church as Germany marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Obama will also be participating in a discussion on democracy with Merkel.

Obama’s spokesman Eric Schultz confirmed that the former president plans to join Merkel for “a moderated conversation on the importance of democracy and taking on responsibility locally and globally.’”

Really?  That seems like a job for the sitting president – not a former one.

But this meeting forces one to examine Obama’s “visit” with the German Chancellor with a critical eye.

Yahoo News concluded:

“Obama is due to give a speech at the May 25 event that will take place in front of Berlin’s landmark Brandenburg Gate. Obama had previously delivered a speech in 2013 at the same place while he was the president, Church officials said.

Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, Germany’s top Lutheran bishop said: ‘President Barack Obama’s attending the Kirchentag in Berlin, which will ring in the Reformation Summer, underlines how internationally we are celebrating 500 years of the Reformation.’

‘Anyone who is pious also has to be politically minded. I am looking forward to enthusiastic debates during the Reformation Summer 2017,’ The Independent quoted Strohm.

The discussion between Obama and Merkel before the celebrations has been organized jointly by the Obama Foundation and the German Protestant Kirchentag conference.

Obama has previously supported Merkel saying: ‘If I were German and I had a vote I’d support her’ during his final visit to Berlin as the president last November.

In contrast to the former president, Trump has been openly critical of Merkel, specifically about her willingness to allow refugees into the country, who seek asylum in Germany.”

And to make matters worse, the meeting engagement is scheduled to take place while President Trump will be in Brussels for a NATO conference.  Coincidence in timing?

Probably not.

Obama and Merkel had a very strong relationship despite the wiretapping scandal.  In fact, Obama’s last phone call to a world-leader was to Angela Merkel the day before Trump’s Inauguration.

The White House’s statement of the phone call reads:

“Given their eight years of friendship and partnership, the President noted that it was fitting that his final call with a foreign leader was with Chancellor Merkel, and he wished her the very best going forward.”

Some interpreted the call as Obama “passing the torch” to Merkle as the new leader of the free world since Trump won the election.

So, why wouldn’t they be conspiring behind Trump’s back during this meeting in May?