Democrats believe they have the political wind at their back.

The party is stepping up their efforts to win back control of Congress.

And an Obama-backed group is making their biggest play yet to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House.

Organizing for Action (OFA), the 501c4 group that grew out of Obama’s Presidential campaign, is launching a new campaign to target vulnerable House Republicans.

McClatchy reports:

“A progressive organization is launching a new campaign to pressure GOP lawmakers in districts where President Donald Trump performed worst, an undertaking it hopes will channel grassroots energy against endangered Republican incumbents.

The effort, led by Organizing for Action, comes amid renewed optimism among some Democrats that they can win the House majority during next year’s midterm elections.

OFA’s campaign will target 34 House Republicans who represent districts where Trump received less than 50 percent of the vote last year. And instead of putting big money behind TV ads, it will focus on grassroots organizing and smaller digital ads to label the congressmen as “Rubber stamps” for the president.”

The group believes Trump’s unfavorable numbers will sink the GOP in 2018.

McClatchy also reports:

“The group — which as a non-profit organization and does not directly lobby voters to vote for or against lawmakers — is betting that Trump’s unpopularity will be a powerful tool against these legislators through 2018.

“Look, there’s a reason it’s called the House of Representatives – you’re actually supposed to go to Washington and represent the people you serve,” said Jesse Lehrich, OFA’s spokesman. “If the majority of your constituents voted against this administration’s platform, and yet you’re consistently rubber stamping extreme White House-backed policies that harm families in your district, you’re not doing your job. And you need to be held accountable.”

The targeted lawmakers include Reps. Carlos Curbelo of Florida, Darrell Issa of California, and Pete Sessions of Texas.”

Currently, Trump’s approval number stands at 40.9% in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

Is this a winning bet for Democrats?

The media widely reported that Trump was the most unpopular Presidential candidate in history.

Yet he won the election, and the GOP’s losses in the House and Senate were far fewer than anyone anticipated.

Trump’s approval number was irrelevant in 2016 and may be again in 2018.

What will matter is if the GOP Congress can deliver on enough promises to keep Republican voters motivated.

Democrats are consumed with their “resistance.”

The liberal base is clearly fired up to vote and send a message to Trump.

Will Republicans respond and fulfill their campaign promises?

That will determine who runs Congress in 2018.