Barack Obama’s politically correct response to the Orlando terror attack is reaching new levels of absurdity.

When his administration announced they were releasing the transcript of the terrorists 9-1-1 call, it was revealed they were deleting the portion where the shooter pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State.

But another decision to alter the transcript has many Americans fuming.

Obama has worked hard to rewrite history and erase the terrorist’s ties to radical Islam.

Obama, instead, puts the blame on Christians and access to firearms for the attack.

He’s created this public narrative in order to push his agenda of restricting gun rights even more.

And though the terrorist told authorities he was committing his killing spree in the name of Islam, Obama contends the shooter’s faith had nothing to do with the attack.

The administration’s goal to continue covering up the terrorist’s motivations came with the news that the 9-1-1 transcript will be rewritten and replacing certain words which the shooter spoke in Arabic with the English translation.

For example, in Obama’s censored transcript, “Allah” has been replaced with “God”.

Townhall printed the “new” version:

Orlando Police Dispatcher (OD)

Shooter (OM)

OD: Emergency 911, this is being recorded.

OM: In the name of God the Merciful, the beneficial [in Arabic]

OD: What?

OM: Praise be to God, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God [in Arabic]. I let you know, I’m in Orlando and I did the shootings.

OD: What’s your name?

OM: My name is I pledge of allegiance to [omitted].

OD: Ok, What’s your name?

OM: I pledge allegiance to [omitted] may God protect him [in Arabic], on behalf of [omitted].

Refusing to use the word “Allah” is another attempt by the Obama administration to deflect blame from Islam.

Using the generic form of “God” could lead people to assume another religion motivated the attack.

Was Obama using “God” instead of “Allah” to further his narrative that it’s the Christians and gun owners who are to blame?

Many associate the word “God” as reference to the Supreme Being within the Christian faith.

Muslims use “Allah”.

The alteration of the transcript could be an intentional move to confuse the public.

Critics contend there are two possible motivations for this – and neither possibility says anything good about the Obama administration.

Either this is a sinister ploy to convince people that another religion entirely was the motivating factor behind the Orlando terror attack – or it’s an attempt to rewrite history and excuse the role Islam has played in yet another terrorist attack on our U.S. soil.