The Donald Trump phenomenon fascinates political observers.

Pundits want to know what his rise means and if he can win the election in the fall.

And when asked about his reaction to Trump’s success, Obama spit out one of the biggest lies of his presidency.

Starting with his famous announcement speech, Trump has consistently attacked illegal immigration and trade deals as the tools of global-elites used to undermine America’s sovereignty.

Trump tapped into the anxieties millions of voters are now voicing.

Many Americans believe our institutions have failed us over the last 15 years.

Our government failed to secure our borders and defeat radical Islamic terrorism.

The giant financial institutions accepted an $800 billion dollar bailout after the economy tanked during the housing crisis of 2008.

The media continually lies on behalf of the Obama administration and paints every failure as a great success.

Save our troops and military, many Americans believe that no pillar of society has honored its position over the last decade-and-a-half, and they feel angry and left out about it.

Barack Obama attempted to address these concerns during an interview with NPR.

Of course he used it as an opportunity tell a massive lie and attack Donald Trump.

Mediaite reports:

“I think it’s pretty hard to argue that somebody who almost three-quarters of the country thinks is unqualified to be president and has a negative opinion about is tapping into the zeitgeist of the country or is speaking for a broad base of the country. But we’ll find out,” Obama said in an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep that took place Monday and was released Tuesday…

“I do not believe in tribalism. I do not believe in stoking divisions and race-baiting,” he said. Despite the “polarization and division and all kinds of consternation and frustration” that he admitted had occurred during his presidency, he pointed to gains in health insurance, recovery since the Great Recession, and the expansion of rights for LGBT Americans.”

Critics would disagree with Obama’s characterization of his conduct as not being divisive or engaged with race-baiting.

A recent poll showed a majority of Americans believe Obama either failed to improve race relations or has made them worse.

He’s given legitimacy to the radical hate group Black Lives Matter by championing their cause and inviting their ringleaders to the White House.

Obama has also blasted Christians as “less than loving” for supporting laws that would protect religious liberty.

Others also would argue with Obama’s notion of “progress”.

Obama cited his healthcare scheme as one example of how he’s moved the country forward.

Yet, millions of Americans lost their health coverage when the law came to pass because their plans did not meet the Soviet-style standards favored by Obama.

The law has also failed to save Americans money, as Obama promised.

In fact, insurers are projecting double-digit price increases for 2017.

So there was nothing Obama said in his NPR interview that was true.

He’s been a race-baiter-in-chief with policies which have further divided the nation and has left significant numbers of people behind.

Because of Obama’s failures, Donald Trump won the GOP primary with his message to reject the establishment.

But rather than own up to his mistakes, Obama engages in spinning facts and telling falsehoods.