Barack Obama is not going to go quietly into the night.

He’s revamping his political organization for the age of Trump.

And it could amount to the biggest sneak attack ever launched at a new administration.

Organizing for Action is a 501(c4) that grew out of Obama’s campaign for President.

It was set up to mobilize grassroots Democrats to support Obama’s political agenda.

With Obama now leaving the White House, its mission is being repurposed.

The group will now focus on candidate recruitment and activist training.

Politico reports:

“Already, former aides are revamping Organizing for Action, the group formed out of his old campaign structure. No longer about backing up Obama’s agenda in the White House, it will be a nexus for training activists and candidate recruitment, reshaped both by Trump’s win and some of the factors that contributed to Hillary Clinton’s loss.

Though OFA has been mostly quiet over the last two months and made no formal announcements, its Chicago headquarters has been filling up with new hires, including several old campaign aides, who are planning to focus on the mechanics of campaigns, from running Obama-style persuasion programs, integrating data and running paid canvassing operations. Though the first goal is designing the program for what they’ll aim to make hundreds of workshops nationwide, there’s already talk moving toward endorsing candidates.”

Moving the group toward candidate recruitment and activist training could be viewed as Obama trying to pay back the Democratic Party for utterly destroying their political standing.

Because of his failed agenda, Democrats lost over 1,000 seats at all levels of government during his time in office.

The party’s bench of candidates to run for higher office was decimated as Democrats up and down the ballot were flushed from office by the American people.

But this won’t be Organizing for Action’s only mission.

The group will still exist to support Obama as he continues his unprecedented campaign to undermine Trump.

Rather than afford Trump his silence – much like George W. Bush refused to comment on Obama’s affairs – Obama is gearing up to take on Trump.

Politico reports on the issues that would draw Obama off the sidelines.

It’s a lengthy list that includes virtually every major issue Obama tried to tackle as President:

“And Obama has identified a few issues that would draw him out directly: a Muslim ban, though he still considers the chances of that remote, or moves that would cut back on the protections he put in place for the children, known as “dreamers,” who were brought to the country illegally as minors and who’ve been living here since.

“If he deports thousands of kids,” Obama has said several times in private meetings of late, according to people present, “I don’t know that I can sit on the sidelines.”

Also potentially on the list: a move by Trump to unravel the Iran deal or the Paris climate accord, or the shape of an Obamacare repeal and replacement.

“If things rise to the level where it’s a statement of who we are as a people and as a country, things that are important to him, then depending on the circumstances he will engage and he will talk,” said one of the people familiar with thinking about the post-presidency. “But this is now the moment where the next generation of Democratic or progressive leaders steps up and engages in the political fight, however defined and broadened.”

This comprehensive list of issues is a hint that Obama will be involved in daily criticisms of Trump.

And he’s keeping his political action group active to help stoke a daily conflict with the incoming Trump administration as well.